Saturday, January 31, 2009 26 comments

Furry Monkey

photo hunt


This week's Photo Hunt is "furry." I shot this just a few minutes ago... this family of monkeys (one little monkey is not seen) is hanging on the door of my brother's room, and was given as a Valentine present from our mom nearly two years ago. Actually, it was just the big monkey that was given by mom on Valentine's day, the two little ones were bought from a nearby market. Brother liked the idea of connecting the monkeys together (since the hands had velcro tapes), so he bought it.

*** Jenn ***

Friday, January 30, 2009 8 comments

From the Mall's Window

From The Window

About two weeks ago, I met up with an old college friend in SM Fairview - the nearest mall from our house, and I noticed that the extension of the mall's annex has just opened, so I walked over to check it out. Still bare - no shops are opened yet, just kiosks by the walkway - but the real treat that day was seeing the sky from the window. Malls are usually cemented all over, but this part of the mall had huge glass windows, making the shoppers see how it was outside.

On the other side of the mall, I took this snapshot. The building that has orange roof (that looks like a big house) in the middle was actually a church located along Belfast Avenue. I used my cell phone for this shot.

Happy weekends!

*** Jenn ***

Thursday, January 29, 2009 27 comments

Lila (Violet)


Ang aking lahok ay hindi purong lila, pero sa tingin ko ay pasok pa rin naman sa tema dahil may parte ng bulaklak na kulay lila naman, di ba? Nakita ko ito sa weekend market sa may Lung Center noong huli kaming pumunta doon ni bunsong kapatid. Mayroon siyang kuha ng parehong bulaklak at ako naman ay tunay na namangha sa kuha nya kaya noong makakita ako ng parehong bulaklak, sinubukan ko ring kuhanan ng litrato. Mas maganda pa rin (sa tingin ko) ang kanyang kuha, magkaiba kasi ang bagsak ng bulaklak... sa kanya, pa-horizontal, sa akin pa-vertical. Sa susunod, subukan ko ulit, ito lang kasi ang kuha ko sa bulaklak. =)

{My entry is not pure violet, but I think it will still do for the theme, for parts of this flower is color violet. I saw this in the weekend market in Lung Center the last time sister and I went there. She has a shot of the same flower and I found it beautiful, so when I saw the same flower, I tried shooting it, too. Her shot (in my opinion) is much beautiful than mine because the flower in her photo is horizontal, while mine is vertical. Next time, I will try to shoot more, this is the only shot I had of the flower.}

*** Jenn ***

Wednesday, January 28, 2009 22 comments

B = Bougainvillea



In the province of La Union - where my father hailed - the bougainvillea flower is their official provincial flower. Everywhere you go, you'll see bougainvillea flower in different colors. Even streets were decorated with this plant!

These two images were captured in my Aunt Julie's garden when I went to La Union last May. She has a lot of different kinds of bougainvillea in her garden, but these two were considered my favorites.

*** Jenn ***

Tuesday, January 27, 2009 21 comments

Bell Tower


Taken from the Ma-Cho Temple in San Fernando, La Union, there were two towers in between the main temple - one the drum tower, the other, the bell tower. Taken last October using my point and shoot camera.

For more pictures and the story behind the photos, please visit my travel blog at JennWasHere.Com Happy Tuesday!

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Monday, January 26, 2009 13 comments

From the Neighbor's Garden

Today's Flowers

Neighbor's Flowers

Our neighbor who lives just across the street has this plant in their garden and it's a plant that doesn't seem to get lazy to give out flowers because the plants are always flocked with these pretty pink flowers. I don't know the name of the flower, but it sure is so beautiful.

I intially took this picture for "Week in Photographs," but I wasn't able to continue it. Since it's over my other blog, I figured I could share this image here, too. May we all have a great week ahead. Happy Monday, everyone!

*** Jenn ***

Sunday, January 25, 2009 9 comments

Kitty Lilith

5/365 - Kitty Lilith

Originally for my Project 365, this is my kitty Lilith who, for the first time, cooperated with the picture taking. I love this cat so much - she's cranky and at most time annoying, but she's very sweet and nice.

*** Jenn ***