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The SM Mall of Asia bay area really attracts all kinds of people, especially during sunset. My sister said we might not be able to see the sun disappear on the horizon, so while the sun was still preparing to set, I already took some pictures. I recalled sets of pictures from friends / online buddies who took pictures of the sunset from here featuring silhouettes of people sitting by the wall, so I tried the same aspect as well. There were lots of people taking pictures of the sunset, so no one would really suspect that the photographers were already taking pictures of them. Well, it was a silhouette, so I guess it's okay.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009 6 comments

W = WordCamp Philippines


September of 2008, I was one of the lucky bloggers who took part of WordCamp here in the Philippines. Even if I was just a newbie in using WordPress as a blog platform that time, I really took the effort in making sure I could be one of the campers because it was the first time it's happening in the Philippines, and I want to be a part of it.

Hmmm... my photo blog is in Blogger, but my travel blog - Jenn Was Here - is in WordPress platform. Actually, the camp wasn't just exclusive for WP bloggers, because I met a few who uses Blogger, although it would be nice if you're in WP, of course.

Matt Mullenweg

The day was divided in different classes - all related to blogging and WordPress. It was a very educational time to spend with other bloggers, but I guess the sweetest part of all was being able to have a picture next to the man behind WordPress, Matt Mullenweg. My friend Mabelle and I knew early in the day that if we won't be able to have a picture with him that morning, we would be having a real hard time being photographed with him. If not for Mabelle's determination, I won't be able to have that picture I could certainly brag about. =)

Group Pic

After lunch, all the campers converged in the hall because classes were intended for all. It was also the time when games were played, announcements were told, and upcoming news about WordPress were given. Before we all called it a day, we were able to have a class picture with Mr. Mullenweg. Nice!

The 2009 WordCamp Philippines is now in the works. I am so looking forward to be a part of it again.

*** Jenn ***

ps - the second and last pictures were taken by Mabelle Santiago-Rubia. Thanks, Mabelle!

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Karatong Festival Beauty

Continuing with the pictures from Aliwan Fiesta 2009

Karatong Festival Beauty Karatong Festival Beauty

She isn't the festival queen of the Karatong Festival from Dulag, Leyte but she sure has able to make everyone's eyes glued on her. She was so mesmerizing, she even made it at the front page of a very popular daily newspaper here in the Philippines. The minute she came out to join her group, photographers didn't stop taking pictures of her!

According to the Aliwan Website, Dulag is one of the municipalities situated on the eastern coast of Leyte. In ancient times, Dulagnon communicated using the karatong – a bamboo implement also used to warn of impending danger and to drive away intruders. When Moro invaders ravaged the town to get their golden bell, the natives were allegedly moved by the Nuestra Senora del Refugio and the Senor Santo Nino to tap the karatong to save the town. Since then, it has become a highly progressive town. Dulag’s float is made of 100% bamboo as this is an abundant resource in the municipality. The open bamboo stands for a new beginning for the town, while the cornucopia laden with fruits and grains symbolizes abundance and a bountiful life.

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More of the Baguio Flowers...

Today's Flowers


Just like the sunflower I posted two Mondays ago, this flower (which is unknown to me) was captured in Wright Park, along the lagoon. I have read in one of the photography tips that one "should not take pictures of flowers from above" as it is a common practice by any people who takes pictures of flowers, but for this I just couldn't resist. Actually, I also took pictures of the flower itself, but I was having a hard time attacking the shot, so I just did this. =) If anyone knows the name of the flower, feel free to say to me. Thanks!

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Continuing the posts on butterflies from Baluarte...

Nothing really special about this one, I just saw sitting comfortably in one of the leaves. I was hoping to get lots of pictures of this one, but this butterfly was located just near the ground. The place was a bit small and it was getting crowded, so the only way for me to take a picture of it was to position the camera from above.

*** Jenn ***

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EK Fireworks


I rarely put up night shots here in Sky Watch because obviously, the sky is black, and if there's a full moon or something in the sky, it would be difficult for me to photograph it because I am using a point and shoot camera.

But for this week, I will go with night shots. Taken in Enchanted Kingdom, the biggest and the most beautiful theme park in the Philippines, the park always cap off the day with a great fireworks display. I don't know why people just loves fireworks. I guess we're so used in seeing a dark sky every night that a sight of something colorful makes us happy and optimistic.

*** Jenn ***