Friday, October 31, 2008 19 comments

Bus Stop

Viron Sub-Station

As I have said in the early posts, I went to La Union last week to give my dad an early visit to the cemetery and to check out the Surf Break as well. Whenever I travel there, I always take Viron Transit because their staff are courteous and friendly, and their terminal closest to our house was just a bus ride away. During the trip, there were three stops, and my favorite was the one in the province of Pangasinan.

People call this "Sison Bus Stop," but the truth is, it's still Pozzorubio, although the town of Sison is just a few steps away (as seen on the arch outside of the bus stop). This is the bus company's largest sub-station, and usually, this is where the driver and the conductor eat their heavy meal, so we spent time here for more than 30 minutes, enough for me to take pictures.

I was actually on my way back to the bus when I saw this sight and immediately took out the camera. I just liked how I can see the two names of neighboring towns as well as the tree. When I was a kid, I have always fantasized of taking pictures of this kind of tree whenever we go to La Union; now I am doing it for real.

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Thursday, October 30, 2008 23 comments

Kadiliman (Darkness)

And I am back from my short vacation. Four days of nothing but roaming around, but I could say it was well worth it, and I was so happy with the things I have done last week.

{At ako'y nagbalik mula sa aking maiksing bakasyon sa probinsiya ng aking ama. Apat na araw na puno ng lakaran ngunit masasabi kong ganap ang aking kasiyahan na magawa ang mga bagay na nagawa ko noong isang linggo.}

This week's theme is "darkness," and because my siblings and I plan our LP entries ahead of time (to prevent same entries), I was a bit confused what to share for "light" and "darkness," since both themes are pretty much the same in some ways. Since my brother decided to post the brown-out picture he had for this week's theme, I decided to use my brown-out picture last week and just find other pictures for this week.

{Ang tema ngayong linggo ay "kadiliman," at dahil kami ng aking mga kapatid ay pina-plano na ang aming mga lahok ilang araw pa bago ang takdang tema (para walang gayahan - ngunit hindi rin maiwasan), bahagya akong naguluhan kung ano nga ba ang aking ilalahok para sa "liwanag" at "kadiliman." Medyo pareho ang tema, kaya noong sinabi ni kuya na gagamitin niya ang "brown-out" na litrato para sa linggong ito, ginamit ko na lang ang aking "brown-out" na litrato noong nakaraang linggo at humanap na lang ng iba para sa linggong ito.}

Callao Caves

Callao Caves

These pictures were taken in Callao Caves, in Penablanca, Cagayan. Last May, I went on a road trip with my aunt and her high school friends and because we will be sleeping in the house of their another friend in Tuao, Cagayan, we went to the caves first.

{Ang mga litratong ito ay kuha sa loob ng Callao Caves sa Penablanca, Cagayan. Noong Mayo, sumama ako sa "road trip" ng aking tiyahin at ng kanyang mga kaibigan noong high school, at dahil kami ay matutulog sa bahay ng isa nilang kaibigan sa Tuao, Cagayan, kami ay dumaan muna sa Callao Caves.}

From Banaue, Ifugao, we traveled all day and getting in the caves was a very difficult task because one must climb a 194-step stairs before reaching the caves. Honestly speaking, I really thought I wouldn't be able to make it. When we reached the caves, I was so tired, sweaty, and I felt as if my heart would come out of my chest! But truly, one must endure first before sowing seeds of triumph, and when I reached the top, I was ecstatic!

{Mula Banaue, Ifugao ay nagbiyahe kami ng pagkatagal-tagal, at ang pagpunta sa loob ng caves ay talaga namang napakahirap. Una sa lahat, kinakailangan mong akyatin ang 194 steps ng hagdanan, at sa totoo lang, akala ko nung una ay hindi ko talaga kakayanin. Pagdating sa caves, sobrang pagod na ako at ang aking puso ay gusto ng lumabas sa dibdib ko! Pero, talaga namang kinailangan munang maghirap bago maranasan ang kasarapan, at nang marating ko ang loob ng caves, "super fulfilled" na ako!}

It was very dark inside, and if you won't be using your camera's flash, you'll really have a hard time photographing the place. I had problems with my camera's settings at first because all pictures came out blurred. Good thing I was able to get the right settings. The cave is spacious as well, and if you're someone who's not afraid of the dark, you can really explore the place good. I wanted to do just that, but my aunt didn't allow me to go far because the soil might be damp, or I might not be able to see the path I was walking and I might have an accident.

{Madilim sa loob, at kung hindi ka gagamit ng flash ay mahihirapan kang kunan ng litrato ang loob. Noong una nga ay nahihirapan ako sa settings ng aking camera dahil laging blurred ang mga litrato, ngunit naayos ko naman bandang huli. Malawak ang loob ang caves, at kung hindi ka talaga takot sa kadiliman ay mae-explore mo ng mabuti ang lugar, ngunit ang aking tiyahin ay binilinan akong huwag masyadong lumayo dahil baka malambot ang lupa o di kaya naman ay hindi ko makita ang aking hinahakbangan at baka ako ay madisgrasya pa.}

The first picture was taken at the top part of the caves (my aunt scolded me for being so far from her eyesight). That's her high school friend and her niece and nephew on the picture. A not-so-good shot, but I was really proud of this picture, and I consider it as my favorite among all the pictures taken in this place. The second picture was the "underground church," which can be seen by the entrance. The altar has a stalactite or stalagmite formation that looked like Virgin Mary, so maybe that's the reason for having a church inside.

{Ang unang litrato ay kuha ko sa parteng taas ng caves (ako ay medyo napagalitan ng aking tiyahin dahil sobrang layo ko na raw). Ang mga nasa litrato ay ang kaibigan nga aking tiyahin at ang kanyang mga pamangkin. Hindi gaanong malinaw, pero ito ang pinakapaborito kong litrato mula sa lugar na ito. Ang pangalawang litrato naman ay ang "underground church" na makikita sa bungad lamang ng caves. Sa altar nito ay may mga stalactite or stalagmite formation na kamukha ng Birheng Maria, kaya siguro ginawan ng maliit na simbahan dito.}

For more information (and pictures) from this place, please check out JennWasHere, my travel blog.

{Sa dagdag kaalaman, puntahan niyo na lang ang JennWasHere, ang aking travel blog.}

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008 21 comments

O = Onions


The northern part of the country has been known for garlic and onions, and when I went on a road trip with my aunt and her former high school friends around Northern Luzon, it wouldn't be complete if we didn't buy some. There were little arguments as to where it was best to buy the products, and in the end it was decided to stop by the kiosks along the highway in Pinili, Ilocos Norte.

I found the price way too expensive, so while my aunt and her friends were haggling with the vendor, I took pictures of the products. They bought garlic that time, but I went on with the tip brother gave me and asked the driver to stop at the market in Sinait, Ilocos Sur (next province) where I bought my garlic. I got the better deal, of course. =)

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008 18 comments


Lone House

Usually, when the bus arrived to it's sub-station in the province of Pangasinan, the driver and the conductor eat their heavy meal. Since the foods sold in the station weren't that much, I was done with lunch in 10 minutes, and decided to walk around to ease up my muscles. I have been sitting in the bus for many hours, walking around is something my body needed. =)

Across the highway was a very nice scenery - mountains and rice fields, and somewhere was this house with red roof. I zoomed on this picture because I cannot cross the highway to get a closer shot. I just took this by the gates of the bus' sub-station. Anyway, I wonder how it felt to have a lone house. No nearby neighbors... must be sad, but then again, if there are disadvantages, there are advantages to it, too.

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Monday, October 27, 2008 12 comments

Calle Crisologo


I once posted a picture of my brother along this historical street in the city of Vigan in Ilocos Sur, and a few people commented that I should have converted the picture in gray scale to give the picture more drama. So this week, I am sharing another picture from the area - this time converting the picture into gray scale and enhanced the brightness a little bit.

This picture excites me in the sense that my friend K and I will be visiting this place (Vigan City is my most favorite place among all the places I have visited) next week. It would be fifth time for me this year, considering that this place is almost 10 hours by bus from where I live. If only I can live there, too... =)

*** Jenn ***



Last week, I was in my dad's hometown and I met up with my cousin, who's currently working as a salesperson in a pharmacy. She has a nursing degree, but failed the board exams, so right now, she cannot practice what she was trained to do. She was hoping she could enter a review center to help her prepare for the next board exams, so right now, she was trying to earn enough money to sustain that.

If I was her, I would consider being a medical assistant. With her knowledge in the medicine and health care, I am sure she would make a good medical assistant. Over at St. Augustine Educational Services, they offer online study programs, so my cousin would surely work and study at the same time. I checked their medical assistant program details and they have so many programs to choose from. These programs are certainly a big help for people who wanted to become medical assistants - or people who are helping doctors in any given field. Of course, even if you say it's just office work, still, it would be nice if you have some knowledge about the things you're doing. Correct?

If I will be able to talk to my cousin, I will tell her about this medical assistant school so she can have many alternatives to her chosen career path. If she's still waiting for the next board exams, then at least she can still make use of her knowledge, as well.

*** Jenn ***

Stargazer? Not So.

Today's Flowers

Bonifacio High Street

I saw this huge plant along the Bonifacio High Street in Taguig City, and was so intrigued by the look of the flowers. It certainly looked like the stargazers, but the plant wasn't part of the lily family, it looked like a huge pineapple plant, and again, I am introduced to a plant I didn't know the name.

If anyone knows the name of this flower, just don't hesitate to tell me, okay? Have a great week ahead!

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Sunday, October 26, 2008 16 comments

Baby Sharks


Taken in the Bahura section of the Manila Ocean park, these baby sharks were the closest I've ever been near real sharks. The aquarium where they were placed was so shallow, it's like they're in a swimming pool! But of course, none of the visitors were allowed to dip their hands in the aquarium. Some visitors (especially the kids) still try to bend the rules, and I guess that's just how it goes. Good thing the staffs were all over to give guidance to the visitors to prevent accidents.

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