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Saturday, September 24, 2011 0 comments

Made for Each Other

Saturdays are my lazy blog days. I am online everyday, but during weekends, I just find myself either watching videos or just browse all sorts of websites I can hop into.

Today, I told myself I am going to blog, but right after doing the laundry, I just went in my room (which is more of a storage room than a bedroom because I abandoned it a few years ago - I sleep on the living room floor) and started cleaning it. It ate my entire afternoon, and because I feel quite tired, I was thinking of not blogging, but I decided to make this post just before I call it a day.

Pink / Lavender

Whenever I go to the weekend market, I spend hours taking pictures of the flowers because our own garden doesn't have that much flowering plants. Since I don't get to visit the market that often, I do make sure my camera's memory card has enough space to save nearly a hundred pictures because I do take pictures of a particular flower over and over.

Pink and lavender are my favorite colors. They just look so good together, and even this flower didn't look that fresh (too many dark speckles), just seeing a flower having two of my favorite colors was enough to make me take a picture of it.

It's been month since I last went to the weekend market and I do miss it. I really should convince the girls (mom and sis) to go there soon.

Life and then Som

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Friday, September 16, 2011 0 comments

A Critter on a Bed of Petals


While at the Simply Butterflies butterfly sanctuary in Bohol, my companions were busy taking pictures of themselves, and since I don't ask any of them to take my pictures that often, I just roamed around to find photography subjects.

It was the pink flower that I saw first, but when I came near it, I was surprised to see this little fella sitting pretty on the petals. I am not really sure if this one's a beetle or something else, but it sure looks cute where it was. :)

Macro Flowers Saturday badge 2 Bluberry craft and hobby time Today's Flowers

Sunday, June 15, 2008 18 comments

Beetle by the Tree

Camera Critters


Here in the Philippines, we call this "salagubang." This beetle specie just come out every summer, and when we were kids, I remember me, my brother, and our cousins would shake every tree near our house just so we could get some of the beetles. Back then, the one with the most beetles in their canister would have greater pride among the cousins. We would take care of the beetles -- place them in the jar and place some leaves inside it so they won't die. Of course, we would free them when we already get tired keeping them in the jar.

This particular picture was taken last May, when I went to my dad's hometown for some vacation. It just stopped raining, and my aunt said this beetle came inside the house. She took it and tried to scare me by putting it in my arm. I wasn't scared of it, so I took it from her and put it back in the tree. As I take a look at it walking in the bark, I thought of taking a picture, and so here it is, my picture.

It just appear big in the picture because the camera was near, but this one is just the size of my thumb.

*** Jenn ***

Thursday, April 24, 2008 9 comments

LP - Hugis ay Pahaba

Ito ang unang beses kong sumali sa Litratong Pinoy. Noong una, medyo alangan akong sumali, kasi di naman ako talaga propesyunal na litratista, pero nakasaad naman sa panuntunan na di kailangang porpesyunal para makasali. Ang importante, nagkakasama ang mga mahihilig sa pagkuha ng litrato, kahit minsan sa isang linggo.

Ang tema ngayong linggo ay "hugis ay pahaba." Gabi na ng Huwebes, kaya wala na akong makitang pwede kong kunan ng litrato, kaya naghanap na lang ako sa mga "files" ko. Eto ang una kong nakita:

Kinuhanan ko ito noong Pebrero o Marso ata, sa aming munting hardin sa harap ng bahay. Sa ganitong panahon namumukadkad ang "orchid" na ito, at noong kuhanan ko ito ng litrato, ang plano ko ay kunan ng litrato ang lahat ng bulaklak sa hardin namin. Sa lahat ng nandoon, ito pa lang ang hindi pa talag bumubuka, pero isa-isa ring bumuka pagkaraan ng ilang araw.

Ang litratong ito ay kinunan gamit ang aking Sony Ericsson K800i Cell Phone, naka-auto at naka-set sa macro. Maraming salamat sa pagbisita sa aking litrato ngayong linggo. Nawa'y linggu-linggo akong makasali sa napakagandang palarong ito.

English Translation:
This is my first week to join "Litratong Pinoy." At first I was a bit hesitant if I will join or not because I am not a professional photographer, but then it was said in the guidelines that one must not really be a professional photographer in order to join. The important thing is, all photography aficionados can come together even just once a week. This week's theme is "elongated in shape." It's already Thursday night, and I cannot find anything interesting to take pictures of, so I just searched my files. Here's the first photo I've seen.

It was, I think, February or March when I took this photo in our little garden. It was this time of the year when this orchid bear flowers, and when I took this one, I was taking pictures of the different flowers in our garden. This was the only one that's still in the budding stage, but the flowers opened up one by one after a few days.

This picture was taken using my Sony Ericsson K8ooi cell phone in auto, set in macro mode. Thanks a lot for dropping by my post for this week, Hopefully I can join in the game weekly.

*** Jenn ***

Wednesday, April 02, 2008 2 comments


Hello everyone! Thanks for stopping by my blog. This one is opened, to give credit to my new hobby - taking pictures. I am not that good with photography - I didn't study about it, I don't know the technical terms - I am just a Newbie Photographer who loves taking pictures of all sorts of stuffs. Flowers is my favorite subject, and I love macro photography. Through this blog, I hope I will be able to log my progress.

I don't classify myself as a photographer actually, for like I said, I didn't study about it. I am just a normal person who happens to love taking pictures. I don't own a digital camera, but I do own a cell phone with camera. It's what I use mainly for taking pictures. Sometimes, I get to use my brother's digital camera, but for this blog, I guess it's going to be a showcase of my partnership with my cell phone.

For my first entry, I am going to share to you the very first macro picture I took:

"Baby Mantis"
This picture was taken accidentally. Back then, I was thinking of a subject for this meme I wanted to join, and it was already Sunday and I still don't have a picture to post. After church, our neighbor approached us at the gate and started talking to us. He was talking to my sister and as I sat by the railing of the stairs, I happen to see this baby mantis in one of our plants. I checked whether I can do macro photography and after about four attempts, I got the shot that I wanted. It's a little blurred because I still don't know how to use the feature. For this one, I zoomed in twice before taking the shot. I think my cell phone's camera is not good with the zooming, hence the not-so-good quality.

This was taken October 2007, using Sony Ericsson K800i.

*** Jenn ***