Thursday, April 30, 2009 11 comments

Tulay (Bridge)

Quirino Bridge

Ang Quirino Bridge na nag-uugnay sa una at pangalawang bahagi ng Ilocos Sur ang pinaka paborito kong tulay. Tuwing pupunta ako ng Vigan, ito ang bahagi ng Ilocos Sur na talagang inaabangan ko. Pakiramdam ko kasi kapag nakarating na dito ay "abot tanaw" na lang ang Vigan. Hehehe. Ang litratong ito ay kuha noong nakaraang Mayo. Nakasama ako sa road trip ng akong tiyahin at ng kanyang mga high school friends at dahil walang aircon ang van na sinakyan namin, nagawa kong ilabas ang kaunting bahagi ng aking katawan sa may bintana upang makuhanan ng litrato ang tulay.

{The Quirino Bridge that links the first and second part of Ilocos Sur is my favorite bridge. Whenever I go to Vigan, this is the part of Ilocos Sur that I anticipate the most because I feel that once I reach the bridge, Vigan is just a stone throw away. =) This picture was shot last May when I went on a road trip with my aunt and her friends from high school.}

*** Jenn ***

Tuesday, April 28, 2009 6 comments

Home Away From Home

Last of the series on the Cebu / Negros Oriental trip I had last February. This was our room in Obdulia's Business Inn where we stayed at on our last two days in Dumaguete City. Our host lives in Tanjay City (approx. 35 kms. away), and since it was just Malou, my brother, and I left in Negros Oriental as our companions already left, our host decided to just book us a room in Dumaguete so we could still roam around the city.

Three months ago, I was also in Dumaguete, but this business center was still under construction. Who would have thought I'd go back here again and stay here? Such a blessing, indeed.

*** Jenn ***

Monday, April 27, 2009 7 comments

Light Purple

Today's Flowers

Light Purple

Last of the set for the month (wow, a month went by so fast). These flowers were taken on the same garden where I took the flower image I shared last week. I remember a few months ago, I had a hard time looking for blue and purple toned flowers, so when I saw some from the garden, I really took the effort to take some pictures.

Start of a new week... may we all have a great week ahead.

*** Jenn ***

Friday, April 24, 2009 10 comments

Sky High

107/365 - Sky High

A picture I took nearly midnight last Friday. I met up with new friends I got to know from an online forum, and after eating late dinner, we all went to Metrowalk, a place lined with restobars. At the center of Metrowalk was a place for people who would prefer to just hang outside, and that's where we stayed at. While waiting for the bucket of beer, I looked up the sky and saw this building.

I set the ISO of my camera to 3200 because if I don't, this whole image will be just black. It's a very noisy image, but I like it. Slightly monochrome.. but not really, as there were blue lights in the building.

After just 5 minutes of taking this picture, the rain fell...hard. Good thing there was a space for us inside the restobar where we stayed until around past 2AM.

*** Jenn ***

Thursday, April 23, 2009 7 comments

Gusali (Building)

Ang aking lahok para sa linggong ito ay hindi dapat ang litratong ito. Una kong ninais na ilahok ang gusali ng Post Office sa Lawton sapagkat iyon ang aking pinaka-paboritong gusali, ngunit iyon ang ilalahok ng aking bunsong kapatid. Sunod kong naisip ang gusali ng Unibersidad ng Santo Tomas dahil doon nag-kolehiyo ang aking ama at isang ma-dramang pagkakataon para sa akin ang mapasok ang unibersidad sa unang pagkakataon nito lamang Marso, ngunit iyon ang inilahok ng aking kuya, kaya naghanap na lang ako ng iba.

{My entry for this week wasn't supposed to be this picture. I first thought of posting my picture of the Post Office Building in Lawton because it's my most favorite building, but it was my sister's entry to LP. Then, I thought of posting a picture of the University of Santo Tomas because it was where my late father studied college and it was a dramatic moment for me to set foot in the university just last March, but my brother posted that as well, so I had to find a different picture.}

Kuha ito noong ika-6 ng Marso 2009, sa ika-22 palapag ng Richmonde Hotel sa Ortigas. Hindi kagandahang litrato ngunit isa sa mga maituturing kong importanteng litrato sapagkat hindi ko inaasahang makapapasok ako sa Richmonde Hotel, at malamang hindi na ako makapapasok muli ng gusali.

{This was shot last 06 March 2009, on the 22nd floor of the Richmonde Hotel in Ortigas. Not a good shot, but I consider this as one of my important pictures because never have I thought I'd enter Richmonde Hotel, and come to think of it, this might be the first and the last time I'd enter the building.}

Mahirap kumuha ng litrato sa may bintana - dahil nakikita ang repleksyon ng camera o kaya naman ang kurtina ng kwarto. Pero kahit na, ang makita ang parte ng Ortigas sa ganitong lugar ay sapat na upang ako ay maging masaya.

{It was difficult to take pictures from the glass window because the reflections of the camera, the curtain, and the photographer can be seen! But, seeing a part of Ortigas in this perspective is enough for me to be happy.}

*** Jenn ***

Tuesday, April 21, 2009 14 comments


The Rizal Boulevard in Dumaguete City is indeed a great place to relax and contemplate. Since it's a favorite spot of locals and tourists alike, there were also people who earns a living along the boulevard by selling foods.

My brother and I were waiting for our companions while they shop at the mall. He and I walked back to the boulevard where our service was parked, and while waiting, I spotted these two kids, probably siblings. They're selling some finger foods, and tired as they are, they stopped for a while to rest. The brother was actually dancing and it was a sweet scene to look at - kids still having fun even though they had to help their parents by working so early in their lives.

*** Jenn ***

The Foreign Blogger

In all honestly, I am not a person to ask about when it comes to money or anything that concern about that. When I was in college, I had a hard time understanding about statistics and stocks, that I just smile whenever someone would ask me about it.

In my blogging life, because I live in Asia, whenever I blog about something I bought, or whenever I traveled to get pictures, I always have to convert peso into USD so the foreign readers could understand what I am writing more. I always have to check the forex charts to check if there's a change in order for my entries to be more accurate. It was actually a good thing that I have to do this because I am also learning in the process. I guess I really need to learn more about currency trading. Or, maybe I should just use any kind of Forex Trading Software to help me with it. What do you think?

I guess being where I am right now is a good thing in the sense that not only do I get to showcase the beauty of my own country through the photographs I put, I am also able to make other people understand things related to money, so when they decide to come to my own country, they will have an idea just how much is how much. In a world where money revolves about the US Dollar, at least I am still able to let people from other countries understand how things are from where I come from.

*** Jenn ***
Monday, April 20, 2009 7 comments

In Blue

Today's Flowers


A picture I shot in Tanjay City, Negros Oriental last February. My brother and I were very blessed to be with a group of Singles for Christ members who let us come with them as they went to Negros Oriental from Cebu City where we all attended the annual International Conference. While in Negros, we stayed at a rest house, and since I woke up early on our second day there, I went out to take some pictures. This one was one of those.

*** Jenn ***