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Sunflower Cupcake

Sunflower Cupcake

I miss updating this blog! Well, dieting and exercising can be time consuming, but I will definitely try to maximize my time and manage it wisely so I can do everything I need to do.

Anyway, my picture share today is a cupcake given to sister when she (and mom) attended a wedding. The couple did give out souvenirs (pictures and small potted plants), but some of the guests were able to receive some cupcakes, too, which my sister decided to take home.

I photographed the cake the time sister handed it to me, but I got to taste the cake the day after. I only ate half of it - just so I would know how it taste like. I love how pastry artists are becoming more and more talented with their ways of presenting cupcakes. I hope next time I can see a cupcake with a quarter moon topper. :)


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1955 Sarao Jeepney

1955 Sarao Jeepney

This 1955 Sarao Jeepney can be seen at the garage of the Sarao Jeepney Factory in Las Pinas. Last year, K and I went there because he told me wanted to check the factory after seeing it featured at a TV Show in England. The first time I saw this factory was lotsa years ago when the Amazing Race (season 5) visited the Philippines as part of its stops. Prior to this trip, I actually thought Sarao already closed its factory, but thanks to K's request, I found out they are still manufacturing jeepneys. Even more thankful were we when we found out the gates of the factory is actually open to people without paying for any entrance fee and without any written or formal request to visit. Of course, it would be good if you give them a call a few hours before your visit so they would know and wouldn't be surprised.:)

Late 1990s, I was able to travel to Malolos, Bulacan and saw jeepneys as small as this - something that could carry six passengers (three per each side). I am not sure if the jeepneys there are still as small as this, but times like this - with so much traffic and prices of petrol going up (and up and up), jeepneys are getting longer (longest I have seen can carry 20 passengers - 10 each side) to carry more passengers while saving time and petrol expenses.

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Brush Time!


I never really had a favorite toothpaste until I used this - the Colgate Fresh Confidence in green. It's not so minty... and I just find myself brushing my teeth longer than the usual because I love how it feels in the mouth. I still don't know why Colgate products aren't widely available in SM Supermarkets, but it's a good thing that there's Watson where we can buy our toothpaste. :)

I brush my teeth every after meal as I find it a good way to lessen my cravings, as we know food would taste bad when you eat right after brushing the teeth, and personally, one more reason why I can't eat even an hour after brushing the teeth is because I feel the food would ruin the minty feel in my mouth. Hahaha.

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Thunderbird Resorts

Thunderbird Resorts - Poro Point
Thunderbird Resorts - Poro Point

My share this week are pictures taken last March, when sister and I went to the Thunderbird Resorts in Poro Point (San Fernando, La Union). It gained popularity because of its Santorini (Greece) like features, but it gained more popularity when actor/host John Estrada married beauty queen Priscilla Mereilles, and when it was featured in the movie "No Other Woman," the highest grossing Filipino film of all time.

When sister and I went there, security was a bit strict because it was the day after John & Priscilla's wedding, and we were told there were still some VIPs at the resort. We were still allowed to get in, thank heavens. :)

Sister and I watched the sunset as we ate our own slice of cake. Olives Restaurant sells cakes for p150 each with unlimited coffee, and because I wasn't able to try it the last time I was there, I took this chance to try it.

It's a good thing that even if the resort is 5 star, they still allow outsiders like us to come in, although of course, we can't use some facilities - we can only eat the restaurant and go to the boardwalk. Still, entering is reason enough for us to go there over and over. I think every time we travel to La Union, we will try to visit the resort.