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Sweet Shot Tuesday | Lady Bug Nail Art

Sister and I are starting to fall in love with nail polish, and last week I used my GC to buy six bottles of nail polish (5 different colors + 1 colorless). Seeing that we had red, white, and black inside our nail polish container, I joked my sister I should do a lady bug nail art. Checking Flickr for such nail art, I saw one and immediately took a picture of it so I have a guide when I do my nails.

This was done a few days ago, and was a practice nail art. I admit it wasn't that pretty - there were red polish on the sides of my nail and that I didn't wait for the paint to dry before I coated it with the colorless polish, but somehow, I liked this one. My sister said it looked cute, but we really should buy a fine tip brush because the antenna was way too big.

I only did this on my thumb's nail... I still don't know if I am that artistic to actually manage to paint all my fingernails.

*** Jenn ***

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{A Photo} Challenge | From a High Angle

Before I share my image for this week's {A Photo} Challenge, I first would like to share the new blog header, which I made using the "Plentiful" collection, which I downloaded from Shabby Princess. I used to be a scrapbooker, but I am more into doing paper scrapbooks as digital scrapbooking was difficult for me. Now that I am learning more about GIMP, I was able to create a blog header for my sister's blog using a freebie header I downloaded, and my little triumph prompted me to create one for myself. This is the first time I was able to do something like this from scratch, so I am really happy. :)

On to my photo share:

View From Above

I oftentimes take pictures from my level, so I only have few pictures taken from low and high angles. When I read about the prompt, this was the first thing that came to mind, as this picture was taken the last time I traveled by air.

It was November and my dear K and I were traveling back to Manila from Iloilo. My camera died a few days before, so the entire Iloilo trip, I used my cell phone to capture images, and when it was time to fly back to Manila, K lent me his Fujifilm Finepix S5600 so I could also able to take pictures of the clouds.

This image was taken a few minutes after take off. We took the late afternoon flight, and being seated on the west side, I was also able to take pictures of sun rays.

*** Jenn ***

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Fabulous Friday | Wanted

Sister at Carol's Texan 5

Last night, my sister and I attended the first ever Bloggers' Buffet at Carol's Texan 5, and one of the coolest things at the restaurant was this wall where diners can have their pictures taken. There were different props to be used - cowboy hats, scarves, as well as toy guns (Western style). At first my sister was a bit hesitant to have her picture taken, but when other bloggers started trying out the hats, my sister went to have her pictures taken, too.

I really like it that despite her chubby figure, my sister really looked confident. She's not afraid to wear clothes she likes, and she doesn't really mind what other people will say about her. I am glad she can now have her pictures taken without really having to smile.

*** Jenn ***

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Sweet Shot Tuesday | Mommy Lilith

I just finished writing something about losing kitties (you can read about that HERE), but I am really thankful that we have another female cat that gave birth a few days after Teddy gave birth. We didn't know where Mommy Lilith gave birth, but when the kitten opened his eyes, Lilith took home the kitty.

At first they were sleeping right next to me - I placed a blanket near my pillow so I can't accidentally roll over them as I sleep. However, the kitty started to wander around, so when cousin Jayson left one day, Lilith found a good place to keep her kitten safe:

Mommy Lilith Mommy Lilith

In my closet! I knew it would be difficult to take out fur on fabrics, so I just covered my clothes with clothes I rarely wear. I decided to let them stay there because it would be difficult to keep the older cats out of the house - as they might bite the kitten. I seriously don't want to lose another kitten.

Right now, I still haven't given the kitten a name. I still have to wait 'til the kitten started eating solid foods... if he survives that, then I would give him a name. The kitten looks a lot like our cat Oreo, so I might consider naming the kitten after another cookie.

Another problem I have - one of the kitten's eyes is always closed because of thick eye mucus, and I don't know what to do. I hope it gets better soon.

*** Jenn ***

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{A Photo} Challenge | Favorite Place

I remember receiving a message from Mikayla inviting me to join {A Photo} Challenge meme, but I wasn't able to join, until this week. I guess with a prompt "Favorite Place," I surely didn't want to miss this because I am always excited about sharing pictures from my favorite place.

Calle Crisologo

I (Heart) Vigan

The first time I set foot in Vigan, it was year 2006, and instantly I was captivated by its unique charm and beauty. Since then, I visited the place whenever I can, and even if I have been there countless of times, I still don't get tired going there.

Sure I have been to lots of different places - places considered as paradise and such, but I guess I left a piece of my heart in Vigan, that even if I visit other places, I still consider Vigan as my favorite...ever.

*** Jenn ***

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Sweet Shot Tuesdays | People Power Monument

People Power Monument

My share for today is a picture of the People Power Monument, located along EDSA (Epifanio delos Santos Avenue). I took this picture while on a moving bus while on the way home from Mercato Centrale last Sunday.

I actually asked my sister that I wanted to sit on the east side (right side) of the bus because I wanted to take a picture of this monument. Although the anniversary of the EDSA People Power falls on 25 February, I wanted to take a picture of this because last Sunday was the country's Independence Day and I wanted to photograph something that depicts freedom and liberation.

This monument was sculptured by Eduardo Castrillo.

*** Jenn ***

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Fabulous Friday | Mt. Pinatubo Crater

Let me share a short clip first before I share my Fabulous image this week:

The first magmatic eruption happened 03 June 1991, and the first large explosion happened a few days after. When the volcano erupted, I was only 11 years old, and even if we were hundreds of kilometers away from Zambales, we still was able to feel its fury because we had shovel out the ash falls on our roof and bathe all our plants covered in ash. It was a very scary moment for the whole country. Its explosion was so strong that there were traces of ash fall in neighboring countries and it made the temperature in the whole world slightly cooler.

Last Saturday, I was with some bloggers trekking to the crater of the volcano. If I did this slightly two years ago, the trek should be fairly easy because there was a sky way and the 4x4 jeeps would take the people a few meters away from the crater, but because of typhoon Ondoy (international name: Ketsana), the sky way was closed and the trekkers had to trek 10 kilometers just to reach the crater. While the trek was mostly flat lands, what made the trek extremely difficult was trying to keep ourselves balanced while trekking on rocky paths, crossing river streams (very cold water), and putting up with sudden weather change - one part was scorching hot, other parts were rainy. I really thought I couldn't make it, but I did.

Mt. Pinatubo Crater

I successfully trekked to the crater of Mt. Pinatubo, and seeing its turquoise water from afar just made me cry. I asked myself, how can something so pretty can be ugly as well? The trek was really memorable and a good way of soul searching. Of course, I also took the time to go down and dip my body in its "sulfuric" water. I don't see any reason why not... it's a matter of seizing the moment. :)

Our trek happened 04 June, which made us part of its 20th anniversary since its eruption, and echoing what another blogger said, "I wish the volcano will never wake up again, because she is just so beautiful sleeping."

*** Jenn ***