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Back to leaf pictures for Green Mondays. :)

I took this one Palm Sunday of 2010... we forgot to buy the palm we would take to the church so we just took some off our palmera plant and arranged it to look like what most people took to the church.

It was a very sunny afternoon, and while taking the first few pictures, the sun rays hit the jalousies and it resulted to some flare. I liked the effect so I went ahead and took the picture.

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Coffee Beans

Coffee Beans

I do love drinking coffee (got addicted with it when I was a kid, actually), but I grew up drinking the instant kind, so I am not much into brewed coffee - I just loved smelling it. My brother on the other hand, is addicted to caffeine. He can't get enough of soft drinks and coffee (any kind).

Last Christmas, mom got to take home a coffee maker from their office party. She taught we could just use any coffee with it, and was a bit sad that her gift wasn't something the family could use everyday.

When cousin Mhai stayed here for a few weeks, she saw my brother using the coffee maker (a neighbor whose daughter works at Starbucks gave us a bag of coffee), she said they have a lot of coffee bags at home - something cousin Theresa sent from England. Since they don't have a coffee maker and Aunt Lorie thought boiling a pot of water with the coffee was a tiresome chore, she started giving away the bags of coffee. Brother asked if they still have some left, and cousin Mhai said she will take some if there are any.

This were some of the coffee beans from the bag of Marks&Spencer coffee cousin Mhai gave us. I took this picture before brother grounded it. :)

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Little White Flowers

Little White Flowers

This picture was taken the same day I took the Kalachuchi flowers I posted last week here on Wednesday Whites. I don't know the name of the flower, but I did love how good the pictures came out. I actually took about 6 images of this flower - different angles, different composition, and all turned out good, I didn't have to delete any one of them. Actually, this picture had very minimal post-processing... I just tweaked the curves a bit to make it look a bit ancient, but other than that (and adding the name stamp, of course), I didn't do anything more to this picture.

Seeing old macro pictures taken by my old P&S camera made me miss it a lot.

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Let's Drink to That!

Doing a two-in-one post today...

Chatime Starbucks

Last Saturday, sis and I attended the Cooking Demo presented by Yummy Magazine and Knorr, and after, we passed by Chatime to have some drinks. I chose to drink their bestseller - the Pearl Milk Tea, while my sister had the Mango Smoothie (left picture). I did like her drink, but the flavor of the mango was quite strong.

The picture on the right was taken last Mother's Day, when the family had some drinks at Starbucks - taking part of their 50% off on their frappuccino. My family chose the coffee/chocolate based frap, while I went for their Green Tea frap, just to taste it. It was good, but the Venti size cup seemed to be too much for my tummy to handle.


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Like what I have shared on my other photo blog, taking pictures everyday and visiting multiple places in a day whenever I am traveling caused me not to post most pictures. I am well aware of the memes I join in, and whenever I am out, I'd take pictures of this subject for this meme... take a different picture for this other meme, but because I take pictures everyday, sometimes, even if I knew I took pictures for a particular meme, I'd end up sharing the newest ones.

If you're my friend on Facebook, or if you're familiar with my travel blog, Where My Feet Took Me, you'd know I am behind one year when it comes to sharing pictures and stories. This morning, I was selecting some pictures to be used for a post when I saw this picture of kalachuchi and knowing I still haven't shared this one, I thought I'd share it for Wednesday Whites.

I took this September last year at the Sidcor Weekend Market, located then at the grounds of Lung Center of the Philippines (the weekend market is now located in Eton Centis grounds). I was there with my friend Nathalie, and from QC Memorial Circle, we walked to the market to eat lunch. Of course, we also took time to take pictures, and yes, we spent a lot of time taking pictures of the flowers.

Kalachuchi may be beautiful and may have this very sweet smell, but because it is associated with death or cemetery, I feel quite bad for the flower because it is something people don't really use to decorate their tables, and it is something people don't want to plant in their garden.

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From Two Festivals

Another two-in-one post for me this week... I guess I will be putting these two memes together from here on out, and if my last week's pictures were taken from one location, this week's pictures were taken from two festivals here in the Philippines.

Panagbenga Festival

This was taken from the Panagbenga Festival in Baguio City last February. These girls were waiting for their turn to perform. For three years now, I have been watching the festival's grand street parade, and next year, I hope to watch the float parade, too.

Pahiyas Festival

This, on the other hand was taken from the Pahiyas Festival in Quezon last May. It was one of the most colorful festivals I have seen, but because there were so many people packing the narrow streets of Lucban, it was quite difficult to take pictures, too. Even if we walked around for two hours, I wasn't able to take much pictures because of the clutters brought about by the people's heads. :)