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One typhoon left, but a new one's here again... hope you peeps here in the Philippines are doing a-okay.


This morning, I decided to germinate my zinnia seeds. I know it's been raining and all, but I figured I might as well start with my zinnia project so if the seeds germinate and grow, I might have plants big enough to be replanted outside.

I also took time to check on my tomato seedlings - reinforcing the sticks that keeps the plant standing, and after my little garden errand, I saw that our pot of anthurium now has three small flowers. My camera was on my hand as I took pictures while gardening, and thought I might take a picture of this flower, too.

Among the flowering plants we ave here at home, this is one of the oldest. Thankful are we that it still hasn't stopped blooming.

*** Jenn ***

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Thursday Brownies | Chocolate Bars

Mercato Centrale

I decided to share this post this week because I feel bad about something. Of all the time for the typhoon to come, I couldn't understand why it came when I was about to attend an event. Obviously, we (my sister was part of the invitees, too) weren't able to attend because of too much rain, and with two reported road accidents because of the typhoon, I chose our safety over some food tasting and mingling with co-bloggers. :(

The event was for the 1st anniversary of MedChef Cakes by Chef Hasset Go and Paul Jayson Carlos. Apart from the event itself, I was actually looking forward to this event because I could finally meet Madey in person - a blogger whom I met through Multiply circa 2005. Well, I just hope there will be more events so I could finally meet him.

This picture was taken last June when sister and I went to the Mercato Centrale (Bonifacio Global City, Taguig) to pick up my Choconut Mochicko. Sister and I also took the time to roam around and do taste tests (so many delicious foods!), and this picture was taken at MedChef's booth. They have quite a lot of pastries to choose from, but the person manning the store was busy talking to other customers, so we weren't able to ask much about it.

I look forward in coming back to Mercato Centrale because I felt the time we spent there wasn't enough to cover everything.

*** Jenn ***

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Wednesday Whites | Tea Time

Tea Time SOOC

I initially took this picture for another meme, but the SOOC shot wasn't really the "star" of the meme, but the post-processing by adding textures, so I decided to share this image here, too.

My mom has this fascination over white teapots; this teapot was given to her a few years ago by one of her colleagues, after she sort of annoyed the colleague saying she wanted it. :) My mom said this teapot was bought at a store in Dapitan (Manila), but when I visited the place last year, I wasn't able to see some. Currently, mom has about four teapots that we don't really use because we are not really tea drinkers; if we wanted to drink hot tea, we could just fix a cup for ourselves.

*** Jenn ***

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My Scribble Partners

Red Notebook

Red Notebook

My share for Red Hot Mondays / Ruby Tuesdays are these scribble partners, which I received from attending blog events. The pen is from Scan Asia (distributor of President Cheese), I got from the Yummy Eats event. Personally, I love my pen to have thin writing because my handwriting depends on the pen I am using, and I like those thin ink pens so I won't use too much space. What made me stick with this pen is because it writes smoothly, and I don't have worry about pen caps anymore.

The small red notebook on the other hand was something I received when I attended the first Bloggers' Buffet at Carol's Texan 5. This notebook is something quite special to me because the cover of the notebook was made from genuine leather, and if I am not mistaken, it was Ms. Carol Chua, the owner of Carol's Texan 5 who personally sew the pages / paper of this notebook.

This pen and notebook are always in my bag since I received it, because I want to have some things to use whenever something came up that needs jotting down - like little events that matter, or new ideas, or new things discovered. I wrote my first words last Sunday, and now I am looking forward in filling this notebook with words about life and such.

*** Jenn ***

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Green Mondays | Sampaguita Leaves

Happy Monday, everyone!

Sampaguita Leaves

I am sharing another 2010 picture here on Green Monday. I was greatly fascinated seeing new leaves on our sampaguita plant, so I went to get my camera to photograph it. Sadly, the plant is now dead as one of the typhoons that visited the country that year knocked out the pot and we weren't able to revive it anymore.

*** Jenn ***

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First time to join Pink Fridays! This is one of my favorite colors, so I am very excited in sharing the many pink stuff I have here at home, as well as other pink colored subjects I photographed as I go through life.

This was one of my old pictures that I wasn't able to share in any of my blogs. I took this after the rain, and the water drops were the main reason why I took this picture. I photograph this using the macro mode with the flash on, so the bottom right corner was dark.

We used to have this Euphorbia plant that seemed to bloom non-stop, but for some reason it just died. Now, we don't have any Euphorbia in our garden, and I think we need to add some more flowering plants in our garden to give it more life.

*** Jenn ***


Oriental Pasta Delight

It's rare for me to share food pictures on my photo blog(s), so this week, I am going for food:

Oriental Pasta Delight

My sister cooked this one the other day, following the recipe we learned from a food demo we attended at the supermarket near our place. She added quite a lot of chili garlic sauce, but it still came out good. Our brother ate a lot that time. If you want to cook this, too, you can check the recipe HERE.

Enjoy the weekend!

*** Jenn ***