Wednesday, January 13, 2010 1 comments

Play With Photos

Quite some time ago, I saw some friends putting very interesting pictures in their profiles and I really wanted to know how they just did that. I thought they did it from scratch, but I realized that there are fun, cool sites where you can create fun photos of just about anything, but of course, it would be best if you use your pictures yourself. I gave it a try, and here's the outcome:

Very nice, isn't it? Do you want to create funny pictures yourself, as well? Just click on each picture and you will be directed to the fun, cool site I am talking about. Personally, I loved the billboard kind of effects - it's like having your picture seen by so many people around the place. I also liked the gallery effect - with my picture on set on different colors. But of course, the site has so many effects including the fun photo box to suit your fancy.

Create fun pictures to put in your own profiles, or create some for your family and / or friends... it's just so easy - just choose the effect you want, upload the picture, and copy the codes below the picture. Paste the codes in your profile or blogs, and that's it! Easy!

Who says you need to be very techie to create fun pictures? Best of all, they have new photo effect everyday, so everyday, you can put effects on your pictures. See, I told you it was nice. Come to think of it, it is beyond nice... it is actually great!

Go ahead and create wonderful effects on your pictures, too!
Sunday, January 10, 2010 1 comments

New Theme: Silhouette

Insekto Siluweto

In my efforts to revive this blog, I decided to share pictures from a little game I put up in the MTC forum. It's a photo hunter's game, and it's on the 4th week now. Since I am posting one picture a day pertaining to the theme, I fugured I will aslo put it here, just so the blog won't really close.

This one was taken February 2009. That time, my brother and I together with our friends from Singles for Christ were invited to stay in Tanjay City in Negros Oriental, following the SFC International Conference in Cebu City. I woke up early that day, hoping a glimpse of the sunrise, but because of rains, I didn't see the sunrise, but did see this critter while roaming around the rest house, looking for things to take pictures of. Happy was I that this fellow wasn't shy to have his pictures taken. :)

Lessons Learned

In one year, I have learned so much about photography without even enrolling in a photography class. Don't get me wrong - enrolling in classes is one of the best ways to learn, but for a point and shoot camera user like me, often times, my best ways to learn are from experience, first hand information from friends, and reading articles online.

One of the latest articles I came across with was the Photography Positioning of the Subject on Your Photo from website. I have taken quite a lot of pictures, and possibly have heard about some of the things in the article, but still, I consider the article a very helpful one for people who are into photography - whether that person is just starting out or already a professional one. From a newbie's point of view, the article gave insightful details about how to take photographs. I really liked the idea of comparing the vertical and horizontal positioning of the camera when taking photographs. I admit, when I started out, I always take pictures with the camera in a horizontal position, but later on I realized that while horizontal pictures look good once placed in the photo album, sometimes, taking pictures in vertical manner also produces powerful outcome.

The tip that I liked the most in the said article was about "There is no right or wrong way in taking photographs." With so many rules about how to do this and that, sometimes the photographer just have to set aside rules and just take pictures. Photography is a subjective matter - in the end, what matters is your own opinion about your photograph. If you liked the outcome, then it is good.

I find site a good one. They have lots of good articles about quite a lot of topics, and aside from the photography articles, I also liked their new article about Needing a Home, But Don't Think You Can Afford One, because I can relate to it as well. If you want to read good articles about different topics, just go to the website and read. Knowledge is power, they say, and even with the age of technology, we should never forget to enrich our minds.