Wednesday, December 31, 2008 9 comments

X = X - Men

X-Men Comics

Last 20 December, sister and I went to the Manila Toys and Gifts show on the Megatrade Hall 2 of SM Megamall. We weren't really into toys, but we wanted to see the happening, and we were told that there will be a Cosplay fashion show, and it was one of the things we looked forward to.

Roaming around the hall, I got to spot this box of X-Men comics. I admit, I did take this shot for ABC Wednesday, since it's the only X word I can think of sharing. Upon seeing this box, I kinda shouted for joy. =)

It was a fun day - aside from seeing lots (a whole lot) of toys and photo shooting the Cosplay fashion show, I was also able to meet two shutterbug online buddies in person. Great!

*** Jenn ***

Tuesday, December 30, 2008 8 comments


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Taken Christmas last year, a neighbor gave some chocolates, and I was taking pictures of how our Christmas was that time, so I thought of putting them in on top of the scanner to take some shots. We didn't really have any decorations for this year, so I cannot really show that much pictures. But we have decided to go back to decorating next year, it's really no fun not having Christmas spirit in the house.

*** Jenn ***

Monday, December 29, 2008 9 comments

Just Look Up

Today's Flowers

Balaoan Church
Align Center
It's going to be Today's Flowers meets Monochrome Maniacs this week. This photo was shot last October, when I revisited the San Nicolas de Tolentino church in Balaoan, La Union. That time, the church's main door was closed and there was some construction going, so I just roamed around the church to check if they have a door on the side. None. But, I did see this scene, and seeing that there were flowers below, I just knelt to take the shot.

I was able to enter the church after talking to the staff in their office. Had the main door been open that day, I might not be able to see this. I guess the universe is really working their way to my advantage.

*** Jenn ***

Sunday, December 28, 2008 14 comments

Too Much Light


While I was in Ma-Cho Temple to take pictures of the place, I happen to spot this little butterfly flying. I am not sure if this really is a butterfly, but the antenna makes me think it is a butterfly. Anyway, upon spotting the butterfly, I quested to take a picture of it, but the wind was a bit strong and the butterfly doesn't really stay in one place for that long, so when I saw it resting in the flower, I just gave it a shot.

The sun was shining directly (it was high noon) hence the "over exposed" shot, but I value this picture a lot for I exerted quite a lot of efforts to get this shot.

*** Jenn ***

Friday, December 26, 2008 8 comments

Breaking Free


Photo taken last 24 December while my siblings and I were at the local market to buy foods for our dinner that night, as well as buy ingredients for the foods we will cook for Christmas Day lunch. While I was waiting for the vendor to finish scraping the coconut meat we needed for the salad, I saw the sky and thought it was an interesting sight.

Just like year 2008 slowly fading off, I think some of the little clouds were slowly trying to break free, maybe to form a new big chunk of cloud?

*** Jenn ***

ps - Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008 13 comments

W = Wood Antiques

Last week, I shared a picture of Vigan City for the letter V. This week, the pictures I am sharing are products that can be seen in Vigan.

Antique Store

Calle Crisologo

Because Vigan is one of the heritage places here in the Philippines, the famed Calle Crisologo is where you can buy all sorts of souvenirs, and yes, you can also buy wood antiques here. Although most are religious items, there are antique shops that sells tables, chairs, and other wood antiques.

Of course, most tourists cannot buy this big antiques, but people with their own vehicles can really get to own these great finds. Pictures taken on different dates using different cameras. The first one was taken March 2008 using my cell phone, and the second one was taken May 2008 using my digital camera. That's how much I love this place - even though I've been there lots of times, I still take pictures of the same things in a different angle.

*** Jenn ***