Friday, December 03, 2010 0 comments

A Good Gift for the Newlyweds

In this month alone, a friend of mine will not only celebrate Christmas, he would also celebrate his first Christmas with his wife, as he would be getting married next week. Obviously, getting married also meant having to live in a new house, and because they are a young couple, part of the problem is to get as much things as possible to make their new house a home.

I asked him if he had some of the essentials, and he did tell me they already have a bed and some cookware, and when I asked if they already have some seats, he told me they have some chairs, and that's about it. I really hope they could have loveseat sleeper sofa so they can have a two-in-one fixture. Actually, when I went to live with my best friend so we can share the rent at a studio style apartment, this is something we hope we could have - in the morning it could be a sofa, and come night time we can turn it into a bed. Now, if it is some sort of a microfiber couch all the better.

Whenever a couple gets married, I do hope family and friends would think of a gift that would really help the newlywed with their new way of living. Usually, I would see couples receive the small appliances, and if it is my turn to get married, I sure hope to receive either a gas range or a reclining sofa, because these are two of the few items that would really benefit the couple as they start a new life together.

To you my friend, my best wishes. Whatever gift you receive, I am sure you will appreciate it much.