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Day 22 - Portrait

I am really loving it that my sister is constantly asking me day after day what the prompt for the day is. When I told her Day 22 is about "Head shots / Portraits," she quickly fixed herself while waiting for me to finish washing the dishes.

Joy of Love - Day 22


Day 22 - Portrait.

As a photo hobbyist, one of my weaknesses is taking portraits. I guess that's a reflection of me being a not-so-sociable person, but when I took on photography as a hobby, I was thankful I have my sister to be my model from time to time. It was actually a win-win situation: I could practice and hone the craft and she could have the pictures. I have taken pictures of my sister in different places, even took pictures of her in the rain - and I let her lie on the road. My sister is such a trooper!

Super Trooper, actually.

When she started working, it became rare for us to have photo shoots, but now that she is "free," we can resume with picture taking. This weekend - well technically later tonight - we will be traveling out of town, and I am going to take lots of pictures.. and that includes a little photo shoot here and there. We are so excited now.

*** Jenn ***

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First time to join "Sweet Shot Tuesday" and here is my share:


This was supposed to be my share for the Art of Composition exercises, but decided not to, because the only sharp part in the image were the little pollen inside the flower. The flower was actually really small - it was just as big as my thumbnail, but one of the things I love my camera was that it can take macro shots as close as zero centimeters... as long as there's enough light to capture the image.

When I took this, my camera's lens was actually really close to the flower, and I am so happy that it was able to capture this. All the rest may be blurred, but really, I was happy with the little pollens. :)

*** Jenn ***


Day 21 - Hands

When I told my sister that the 21st prompt for the Joy of Love is "Hand(s)," she became uncomfortable all of a sudden. My sister isn't really much into showing her hands and feet in pictures, but good thing I was able to ask her to pose for me.

Joy of Love - Day 21


Day 21 - Hand(s).

When sister started working at a restaurant last year, she was first positioned at the pantry. Her job was to cut and prepare vegetables and plate the foods before it gets to the customers. They weren't asked to use gloves (which actually is a good thing, I do think more contamination happens when people use gloves in preparing foods), and since she has to prepare lots of vegetables washing her hands over and over, it started ruining her hands. The biggest culprit was the black mushrooms, which she would soak to rehydrate then squeeze to take out excess water.

She didn't get wounds from it, but the lines in her hands started to fade out. It was so bad that she couldn't do any thumbprints! Good thing the restaurant didn't require employees to time in using biometrics or else my sister will be doomed. Hahaha.

Now that she has resigned, her hands are starting to get some life. In time I know she would be having supple hands again.

This picture I took in our storage area... the only source of light was my brother's LED flashlight. Busted? Nah.. it was staged. :)

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Paper Heart Camera - Chocolate

I shared the same donut for the Scavenger Hunt Sunday meme over my other photo blog, for Paper Heart Camera's "Chocolate" prompt, I decided to share a different shot.


Take A Bite....


This is my share of the Boston Creme donut my sister gave to brother and I. She didn't want to give it to us from the get go... she bought the donuts for herself - she even made a trip to Dunkin' Donuts just to buy the donuts, but an all night party with friends the night before (she bought the donuts in the morning before coming home) made her feel bad... her asthma was attacking, her body was heavy, and her head was aching.

She knew donuts are only fresh when consumed 24 hours after purchasing, but still feeling bad come dinnertime, she just gave it to brother and I. When I was in college, I liked the Boston Creme donuts because it had chocolate glaze at the top and custard inside, but this one was a bit too sweet for me. I knew I'd take a picture of the donut after the first bite, but after the short photo shoot with my sweet treat, I scraped off the chocolate glaze. Well, brother ate the chocolate, so I am happy about it.

*** Jenn ***


Day 20 - When They're Home

As soon as I have learned of this day's prompt, I already knew what picture to take, but the problem was how to take it. :)

Joy of Love - Day 20


Day 20 - When They're Home.

It was so fortunate that this prompt came in on a weekend - the time of the week when everybody's home. Here in our house, we really look forward to dinnertime because it's the time of the day that all of us can enjoy good food, great laughs, and awesome chats. Dinnertime is when we talk about how our day was, as well as future plans and possibly some opinion sharing about news items, celebrity gossips included. :)

This was a staged photograph, if I may so... and when brother heard of it, he quickly put on the apron (something sister and I took home from a blog event) and asked if he could be the one serving the food. Initially, I wanted sister to do it - as she is my subject for this project, but since brother wanted to wear the apron, I let him do it... afterall, it's very rare that brother gets enthusiastic about a family shoot, and since my sister is part of the picture, I guess I am still doing my project.

We had yard-long beans cooked adobo that night. While brother was serving the food, sister was bugging us about opening the tub of Pringles, something we didn't want her to do because it would ruin the appetite. I set the camera to a certain amount of seconds (I didn't tell them how long) because I wanted to get a candid shot as much as possible, but since mom was directly in front of the camera, she just sat still and looked at the camera. Brother looked like that because he was about to ask when will the camera take its shot, and just after he asked the question, the flash fired. Hahaha.

I really love my family.

*** Jenn ***

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Day 19 - When They Are Away

When I took on this project, I already told myself I will use sister as my subject, so even if the prompt for today is something that doesn't include the subject technically, I still found a way to include my sister in my picture.

Joy of Love - Day 19


Day 19 - When They Are Away.

When my sister is away, there will be a gap between her pairs of shoes. :)

My sister loves shoes. It's really funny because my sister always tell she has no money when it comes to all other things... but when it comes to shoes, she always have some money to spare. This is the biggest difference between my sister and I. For me, when a pair of shoes cost more than 1000 pesos (roughly 23usd), it would be way too expensive already. For my sister, she can buy a very simple looking pair of sandals even if it costs more than a thousand pesos.

There were only six pairs of shoes in this picture, but sister has some more pairs somewhere around the house. Most of those are gathering dust, some actually were worn out and have to be disposed, but she didn't want to.

I am not into shoes, yes, but since my sister's shoe size is just a notch smaller than mine (she's size 8, I'm a size 9), there are times I would borrow her shoes if I needed to have a selfie picture taken. Her shoes are a bit small, yes, but my feet can still fit. Well, I am not leaving the house whenever I borrow her shoes, so it's just okay.

*** Jenn ***

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Day 18 - Going Out

Before my share, I would just like to say that my picture for today was taken on Day 17, and my picture for Day 17 was taken on Day 18. My sister went out on Day 17 so we weren't able to take a "Staying In" picture... and since she got home with a heavy body because they partied all night, it was impossible for us to take a "Going Out" picture.

Joy of Love - Day 18


Day 18 - Going Out.

I took this when my sister and I were about to walk back home from a jog/walk around Colinas Verdes. I just saw our shadows and asked sister if we could try making a shadow heart.

Taking this picture was quite difficult as I had to coordinate my hands with my cell phone. The first two shots were a total mess, until I asked my sister to adjust her hands with mine. Third picture.. and I am already happy.

I so love going out with my sister to jog. Today was a good day - we got to take a different route, found some wild flowers, and I got to ask her for a jump shot. :)

*** Jenn ***


Day 17 - Staying In

Joy of Love - Day 17

My siblings and I have been abusing the DVD Player for the longest time now. My brother and I would watch Criminal Minds, and my sister watches several Korean soap operas. As much as I wanted to watch the soap operas, all of it were in Korean (some were dubbed in Chinese), and I can't read the subtitles and do my job at the same time.

Joy of Love - Day 17

Day 17 - Staying In.

Of course, there would be times when I would devote my time watching the Korean soap operas. Currently, we are watching "The Baker King - Kim Tak Gu," and it is one of the best Korean soap operas I have watched. I do love inspirational stories, and this series gave a lot of good lessons.

My sister and I intended to watch from 8pm - 12mn, so I cooked some popcorn for us. I just go for the regular popcorn (but we do have some cheese powder), and I am glad my sister didn't complain.

Joy of Love - Day 17


Hey what's this? TV's now in the ceiling? LOL. We set up the camera on a tripod and took several pictures, and it just came out that we were both doing similar poses. Hahaha. It's great having sister home.

... and yes, popcorn and TV will always be a good combination.

*** Jenn ***