Saturday, May 31, 2008 7 comments

PH - You or Part of You

photo hunt

Another self-portrait from me. Sometimes it's really hard when you're not in the same wavelength with your friends or family members as far as taking pictures is concerned, so often times I resort to taking self portraits. How I wish my siblings would be as shutter happy as I am -- taking pictures just about anytime and not only when they are asked to take a picture.

Anyway, this one was taken May 22, before brother and I left to do some church hopping while vacationing in La Union. Aunt Julie just gave me a blush-on, and I wanted to check how I looked like so I took a snapshot of myself. Normally, I am always smiling in pictures, so after three pictures taken, I decided to put on a serious face to see if it still would look okay. I guess this picture was just fine, eh?

To Aunt Julie, thanks for the blush-on. And to you who's checking out this post, thanks to you as well.

*** Jenn ***

Thursday, May 29, 2008 7 comments

LP - Ihip ng Hangin

Hindi ako nakasali sa Litratong Pinoy noong nakaraang Linggo dahil ako ay nagbakasyon -- sa totoo lang, kauuwi ko pa lang galing probinsiya. Wala pa akong tulog dahil nagbiyahe ako ng gabi. Gusto ko lang mai-post ito bago ako matulog.

Ang tema ngayong linggo ay "ihip ng hangin." Pagkakita ko pa lang sa tema, alam ko na kaagad kung anong litrato ang isasali ko. Kuha ito noong Linggo sa probinsiya ng Cagayan (Rehiyon 2), habang nasa biyahe pauwi ng La Union. Sumama ako sa "road trip" ng tiyahin ko at ng ilan sa kaniyang mga kaklase noong high school, at dahil ang van na sinakyan namin ay walang air-conditioner, natural lamang na liparin ng hangin ang buhok ko dahil kinailangan naming buksan ang bintana ng sasakyan. Ginusto kong litratuhan ang sarili ko habang nililipad ng hangin ang buhok ko, ngunit ganito pala ang hitsura ko. Nakakatawa, di ba? Sabi ng tiyahin ko, mukha daw akong nakakita ng multo. Naisip ko naman, para akong isang pusang nagulat. =)

Alam kong may mga ilang litrato sa aking files na tutugma sa temang ito, pero dahil ito ang una kong naisip, ayoko ng palitan pa. Pasensiya na kung eto na lang ang naisali ko, siguro dala na rin ng pagod at antok kaya ganoon. Hahahaha... 'di bale, paminsan-minsan, kailangan din nating tumawa at magsaya, 'di ba?

Maligayang Huwebes sa lahat.

English Translation:

I wasn't able to join Litratong Pinoy last week because I was on vacation -- truth be told, I just got home from the province. I just wanted to post this one before I head on to sleep because I didn't have the privilege to sleep while on the trip last night.

This week's theme is "ihip ng hangin" (wind blows). Upon seeing the theme, I already knew what picture to post. This one was taken last Sunday, along the roads of Cagayan Province (region 2). I went on a road trip with my aunt and some of her high school friends, and since the van wasn't air-conditioned, we had to put down the windows. I wanted to take a picture of myself as the wind blows my hair, but I was surprised with the outcome. Funny eh? My aunt said I looked like I just saw a ghost, but I think I was more like a surprised cat.

I know there are still a lot of pictures that would fit the theme, but this since I already thought of this, I will just stick to my picture. My apologies if my picture wasn't good -- maybe because of lack of sleep and being tired that's why I am thinking like this. But hey, everyone needs a good laugh from time to time, eh?

Happy Thursday to all.

*** Jenn ***

Saturday, May 17, 2008 1 comments

On Leave

I might not be able to update this blog until the end of the month for I am now about to leave for La Union for some vacationing. If you have a message, please just comment to this post, because I might not be able to read it in the chat box. Thanks peeps!

I will try to update this blog if I can, but I am not promising. =) See you all in June!

*** Jenn ***

Friday, May 16, 2008 1 comments

PF - Fire

First time to join Photo Friday. Had a hard time finding a picture for this theme, so I am going to breach the "photos by me" thing and post in a picture from my sister's files.

This is Christian, one of my sister's classmates. As students of Hotel and Restaurant Management, part of their duties as students is to cook / prepare foods, prepare the banquet, and lots and lots more. According to sister, once in a while, their professors will hold a "talent night," and his picture was taken from one of those nights.

Actually, this one's just a test drive, for if this will be the real talent night, students will have to wear proper attire and all that stuffs that comes with it. This technique is called, "flambeing" (?) - a process of firing the food with wine to burn out all the alcohol content. If you ask me, I might be having a hard time doing that, for I might be afraid my hand might caught fire.

*** Jenn ***

Thursday, May 15, 2008 15 comments

LP - Umaapoy

Ang tema ngayong gabi ay "umaapoy." Ito lang ang makita kong litratong may apoy. Medyo sariwa pa itong litratong ito dahil kuha lamang ito noong Martes, nung ako'y magdiwang ng aking ika-28 na kaarawan. Maraming salamat sa aming kapitbahay na nagpahiram ng kandila sa amin.

>>> This week's theme is "firey." This is the only picture with fire in my files, and is still fresh for this one was taken last Tuesday, when I celebrated my 28th birthday. Big thanks to our next door neighbor who lent us the candle for this pictorial.

*** Jenn ***

Wednesday, May 14, 2008 8 comments

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

I celebrated my birthday yesterday, 13 May. These foods were from our dinner celebration. More about this tomorrow.

*** Jenn ***

Monday, May 12, 2008 0 comments

My New Partner

Happy to announce that I no longer have to waste time worrying how will I pack in pictures into my cell phone's 50MB internal memory! Just last Friday, I went over the photo shop to get the camera we ordered -- a Canon Powershot A580 digital camera.

I was acutally surprised when my mom decided to buy this camera, but more than surprised, I was ecstatic and happy about it. I will be embarking on a trip before the month ends, so I definitely need a camera that can take lots and lots of pictures! I am happy mom personally chose this model because I loved that 8 megapixels and the pre-selcted themes for easy change of themes for different shooting needs.

We bought this camera in Picture City (SM Fairview), and since Canon is having a promo, we got a free 2GB SD memory card, a camera pouch, and a voucher for a free swimwear from Folded and Hung. My sister will be the one getting the swimwear, because she's the only one who can wear the swimwear. Hehehe. Mom paid for the camera, while I bought the batteries.

Us three girls (mom, sis, and I) own the camera. Because brother's digital camera is dysfunctional at the moment and he is based in La Union anyway, we really need a camera we could use for our own little moments. For sure it's going to be me who's the main photographer, but I am sure sister would also be kind enough to take my pictures should the need arise. Sister used the camera first, but the very first shot was taken by me, and I will share the image tomorrow.

Here's to more shutter happy moments!

*** Jenn ***

Sunday, May 11, 2008 8 comments

CC - Ducks in the Park

Camera Critters
First time to join Camera Critters. I am happy to know this meme - I don't really take pictures of animals, so with this meme, I hope to take notice of the animals around me.

This photo was taken 16 April 2008 in Greenbelt Park, Makati City. I was scheduled to meet my friend Rhodz later that afternoon, and since my sister and I were in the area a few hours before the meeting time, we decided to roam around and take pictures of things that would interest us. Originally, I wanted to take a picture of the the dome chapel in Greenbelt, and while walking around, I saw this kid chasing some ducks!

It's a new thing for me to see ducks walking freely around the park. And to think that this is the Central Business District of the whole country! Anyway, after the kid stopped chasing the ducks, it was my turn to chase them! Hehehehe... they took me to the nearby lagoon, and here's my shot:

So cute, eh? They were lining! Thanks for checking my post. Do come back again next week!

*** Jenn ***

Saturday, May 10, 2008 8 comments

PH - Anything Goes

photo hunt

It's an open topic for all Photo Hunters, so I will share this very unique scuplture I saw in Quezon City Hall on the day of my cousin's wedding - 28 March 2008.

Taking a shot of this one was a bit difficult to do because not only do cars pass by the road (you have to be standing in the middle of the road to take a full shot of this), but on that day, there was a little occassion going that was attended by some of the top politicians, so the guards and usherettes were a bit keen on people who might do something bad.

Taking pictures of buildings and other public establishments is really tough as people are always paranoid about bombings and terrorists. I was lucky though, that even with the tight security, I was able to take this shot. The only mistake I committed was that I didn't get to read what the sculpture was all about. But it was really interesting, right?

*** Jenn ***