Thursday, April 10, 2008

QOTW # 14

I normally do this meme over my other blog, but since I am starting to build up this blog, I decided to move this meme here. I missed answering Yen's questions, so if I do this in this blog, I am sure I can answer all the weekly questions.

Let the answering begins:

1. Did you know what time and day you were born? If so, please share.
-- Based on the birth certificate that the hospital gave, I was born on a Tuesday at 12:42 pm. I was born in May, which meant my mom gave birth to me on a summer. I hope the heat didn't give her a hard time!
2. Do you like shoes or barefoot?
-- Inside the house I prefer walking around in bare feet. Outside, I prefer to wear sandals and/or flip flops. Closed shoes I don't wear that much because I feel my feet are suffocated.
3. Painted nails or not?
-- In my toenails, yes. My fingernails aren't painted because I do most of the house chores here, so if I paint it, I just wasted time, effort, and energy for it will be chipped off in an instant. As for my toes, I always paint it (on weekends). I prefer earth colors because my skin is a bit brownish. 4. What’s your favorite “finger food”?
-- Aside from the usual corn chips and salsa, I love to eat chicharon! Oh my, it's one food I cannot say no at! Hello cholesterol! lol.
5. What is your favorite all time tv show?
-- I have about 5 most favorite TV shows, but my most, most favorite one was "Gilmore Girls," starring Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham. I loved that show since I first saw it. Very witty, very heartwarming, and very "close to home" show.
6. What is on your favorite burger?
-- I don't have that much money to burn, so my favorite burger is McDonald's quarter pounder. What makes it different from the "in the budget" burgers is that it has pickles, mustard, and chopped onions. Ummm, delicious!
7. What was your least favorite class in school?
-- Math. Especially when the teacher held on the spot recitations. Ugh!
8. Movies….comedy, action, drama or romantic comedy?
-- I always go for drama. I love movies that can make me cry.
9. Look to your left now….what do you see?
-- Our dining area.
10. Favorite brand of toothpaste?
-- Close-Up with crystal beads whatever. It's fresh in the mouth, but we don't use it here in the house because my mom says her tongue itches if she use Close-Up.

*** Jenn ***


vanniedosa said...

hi jenn! thanks for your comment in my site ^_^'re a may celebrant din pla.we have something in common!


shutter happy jenn said...

sure vannie..dosa! cute naman ng username mo!

Buge said...

Hi Jenn! Nice meeting you through Yen's QOTW! :)

alpha said...

hi jenn! thanks for checking out my QOTW.. oh yes,love na love ko din ang Gilmore Girls. sayang tapos na yung series :(

Moonlae said...

It's nice to know something about you!

Tere said...

Thanks so much jenn for the birthday greeting! :)

Chikai said...

hello jenn! ;) pareho tayo sa number 2. i don't like wearing closed shoes too kasi feeling ko di makakahinga paa ko. haha! and with number 7, super hate ko rin yan esp. if the teacher asks you to solve a problem in front of the class. kung pwede lang mahimatay. hehe!