Friday, May 16, 2008

PF - Fire

First time to join Photo Friday. Had a hard time finding a picture for this theme, so I am going to breach the "photos by me" thing and post in a picture from my sister's files.

This is Christian, one of my sister's classmates. As students of Hotel and Restaurant Management, part of their duties as students is to cook / prepare foods, prepare the banquet, and lots and lots more. According to sister, once in a while, their professors will hold a "talent night," and his picture was taken from one of those nights.

Actually, this one's just a test drive, for if this will be the real talent night, students will have to wear proper attire and all that stuffs that comes with it. This technique is called, "flambeing" (?) - a process of firing the food with wine to burn out all the alcohol content. If you ask me, I might be having a hard time doing that, for I might be afraid my hand might caught fire.

*** Jenn ***


Lou said...

Hi, I was here!