Friday, June 20, 2008

Grilled Pork

I found another meme! Yehey! I have a specific meme for Friday, but sometimes I cannot join the meme because there are times that I don't have a specific picture for the week's topic. Maiylah, the one behind Life Snippets, has this food meme every Friday. There are no specific topic, just post a picture of a food and that's it! =) Thanks for coming up with this meme, Maiylah!

Here is my first entry for this meme. Taken last 19 May 2008 -- this grilled pork is just "plan B" for Aunt Julie's birthday celebration. I told before in my previous entries that she always visit the Manaoag Church in Pangasinan, but since there was a typhoon, Aunt made a plan B -- and that is cooking some foods to celebrate her birthday.

Her menu included grilled pork, pancit bihon, grilled fish, and fresh fruits for desserts. Brother prepared the grilled pork -- just a simple dish -- he marinated it in some soy sauce and calamansi juice overnight. If I was the one who did this one, for sure there will be so many things in my marinade. I prefer it to taste like sausauge, so I put in a lot of garlic, some tomato sauce and some herbs. But, brother did a good thing with this, it's just that it was a little tough. Hahahaha.

I miss eating barbecue...

*** Jenn ***


maiylah's snippets said...

ang sarap!!! i remember my brother cooking grilled pork the same way, too; just soy sauce, salt and calamansi. serious case of drooling here, LOL. :D

thanks for joining, Jenn!
will add you to the blogroll in a bit. :)

happy weekend!

snippets said...

forgot to add:
your template's so cute! love it! :)

Zriz said...

waaahh that looks yummy! :) hehehehe

thanks for dropping by my blog... :) pamangkin sa hubby ko yung bata na kumain... :) hehehehe

julie said...

Yummy BBQ :)

Was this when Cosme was ravaging region3?

My FF for today:
Ala carte Chicken Sandwich

Stephen said...

WOW! That looks so good! :D

liza said...

hi jenn! naku ginugutom ako ng husto dito, tingin pa lang parang tumataba na ko hahaha.

happy FF!