Friday, June 27, 2008

Triple Dessert


Our family don't normally order desserts whenever we eat out. For us, a dessert is not really that important, as is just a "waste of money," for the only thing we can get from desserts would be added sugar. Sometimes, what we do if we wanted to eat desserts is to just buy a coned ice cream from the kiosks in the mall and it would only cost us about 10 pesos. =)

When I celebrated my 28th birthday last May, I asked mom if we could order dessert, for a change. Pizza Hut has this three-in-one dessert called dessert sampler that consist of a chocolate lava cake, mango pannacota and sundae. We decided to order this one instead because if we order this one by one it would cost a lot compared to ordering it as a whole.

I loved the chocolate lava cake and the sundae, but the mango panacotta I didn't like much. I guess I am not much into milky desserts and I am not really into mangoes that's why I didn't like it. On the other hand, my sister loved the panacotta. Hehehehe... one man's set of taste buds certainly is different from that of the other man's.

This picture is shot on macro (no flash) using Canon Powershot A580 digital camera.

*** Jenn ***


snippets said...

ang sarap! i didn't know that Pizza Hut has that! lol. it has been ages since i've eaten there; i should make a visit, soon! :)

thanks for joining ulit, sis!
happy weekend! :)

mirage2g said...

Wow, pagksarap naman yan! but true, sugar overload nga, ok na din basta in moderation! Happy to be a foodie! =)

arvin said...

walang lasa yung mango something, hehehe. inuna kasi yung chocolate, grabe, sarap nun:D hehehe.