Wednesday, June 18, 2008

V for Viron Transit

Whenever we would travel up north, there's only one bus we take -- Viron Transit. Even when I was young, I know my parents and other relatives would take this bus during our travels. Now that I am travelling myself, I finally understood the reason of it all.

This bus company has the best staff of all! Very friendly staff willing to assist you all the way -- you can even fall asleep while travelling, they would just wake you up when your destination comes. If you don't have anyone to talk to, you can talk to them, too! Hahahahah! Not only that, even if you transfer seats, they know who you are and they will know if your stop is up next!

One of my cousins forgot her bags in the bus, and when she went back to the station, the staff knew which among the bags was hers! Isn't that amazing?

Pictures -- top: Me (Pozzorubio, Pangasinan sub-station - 20 May 2008) / middle: My sister (Vigan City, Ilocos Sur terminal - 06 March 2008) / bottom: My brother (Narvacan, Ilocos Sur sub-station - 28 May 2008)

*** Jenn ***


CaBaCuRl said...

Great idea for V. I still haven't come across any double-ups for V. Do you have your idea for X yet?

leslie said...

Gosh, another great one for the letter V. I'll try to remember this bus if I'm ever in your area.

reader Wil said...

That is amazing that you should have such good service ! It shows that they really care about people!

mrsnesbitt said...

How strange to read you referring to "Up North" that is where we live in UK!

Petunia said...

Nice V post!

Katney said...

I thought I commented the other night. Wonder what happened to that. Maybe I flunked word verificationa nd didn't notice.

It was something along the lines of good service always keeps you coming back.

Anonymous said...

im wilmer pescador former employe of viron trnsit.i will gurantee that viron transit had the best service...... sir. vincent more power to your company wish a very long service....... hi guys, i missed being with you there..... hmmmmmmmmmm.i missed the old days... the travelling days... kahit puyat lagi, masaya pa rin.....and hi to all the girls i loved before... heheheheehehehe