Monday, June 30, 2008

Yellow Roses

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Yellow Roses

Sister and I were in the Lung Center weekend market again yesterday, and I didn't want to get sick once more, so I told myself I should be aware of what I was doing and drinking. I decided to stop taking too much pictures and concentrate more on the reason why we were there.

We got to buy what mom asked us to buy, but sister wasn't able to buy a pair of shoes she needed for today. It was a pleasurable day at the market despite the rainshowers, and I think I am getting addicted to this market! Not only do we get to eat delicious foods, we were also able to exercise (walking around the place for more than three hours)!

While we were looking for the stall that sells chicharon (pork rind cracklings), we passed by the plants section and this bunch of yellow roses and decided to take a picture of it. Sister gave me the "eyes" and I said I will just take a picture of it and I promised that we will carry on with the market tour. =)

Fact: among all the roses, this is my favorite color.

Taken using Canon Powershot A580, manual mode -- macro, no flash.

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This blog has been one of the featured blogs in Weekend Snapshot! Wow, I am so happy about that. Thanks, thanks! Great start of the week for the shutter happy me!


Michelle said...

I love yellow roses too..

shutter happy jenn said...

Really? That's cool!

tigerfish said...

I miss walking the markets! And you mentioned delicious food, did you? :P

strawberrygUrl said...

love the dark yellow shade of the petals

Munchkin Mommy said...

yellow is such a beautiful color. it's one of my mom's favorites. :)

have a great week ahead!

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SandyCarlson said...

Those flowers are stunning drops of sunshine!

Carver said...

That's a beautiful shot.