Friday, July 04, 2008



Maiylah, the host of this yummy meme posted a picture of a fruit (cherry to be exact), so I decided to post a fruit picture as well. These pineapples I bought in Pamplona, Cagayan, while on a road trip with my Aunt Julie and her high school classmates. I have rediscovered my liking for Pineapples since mom started buying some from one of our neighbors who has a pineapple plantation in Laguna, and every time I am seeing pineapples, I was always hoping I could eat some.

When we saw some stalls by the higway selling pineapples, I started wondering if people were growing pineapples there, and turns out they do. What's so impressive is that this part of Cagayan is mountainous and you could see some pineapples planted on the mountain!

Being on vacation for a week already, I had been craving for some pineapples, and I was happy they let me buy some. The pineapples cost 25 pesos each, but since the stall owner was just starting to display her pineapples, and me being her first customer, she let me pay only 70 pesos for the three pineapples. Not that much discount, yes, but if you can see the woman selling the pineapples, you would prefer paying in full and not try to haggle anymore. I said no need for a discount (because I know pineapples here in Metro Manila were much expensive), but she still gave me 30 pesos change for my 100.

The pineapples are so delicious! It's sweet and very juicy. Too bad I was only able to eat one and cannot take home the other two. I surely would want mom to taste it, too. But anyway, if ever you pass by the roads of Pamplona, don't hesitate to buy some pineapples. It's really good!

Photo shot using Canon Powershot A580 - auto with flash. Just a simple shot, I wasn't really aiming for a dramatic photography on this one, I just wanted to take a shot of the pineapples when we got home from the road trip because I know someday I would be blogging about it, and that day has arrived. =)

*** Jenn ***


maiylah said...

hi Jenn!

seeing this shots makes me miss the pineapples from our province ... maliit lang, pero super sweet.

it was really sweet of the woman to be giving you the discount even if you declined. :)

thanks for joining this week, Jenn!
happy weekend! :)

mirage2g said...

AKo din namiss ko pinya! Those that are given by relatives who have a taniman hehe. Sarap yan, fave ko nga along with papaya!

liza said...

hi jenn! sarap yan, bigla tuloy ako naghanap ng pinya hahaha.

happy FF!

Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

hi jenn! great shot! :)

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