Friday, July 18, 2008

Pizza and Pasta


March 17 of this year, I met up with my very good friend Ahdz because it's been many months since we last saw each other, and she was hoping we could meet because she still hasn't given me her Christmas gift. We were supposed to meet before Christmas to have the ring (her gift) tested for fitting, so if it wouldn't fit, she still has some time to have it changed.

However, due to our schedules, we weren't able to meet until that day. She offered to treat me out for a late snack / early dinner, and the only establishment that jived with both our taste was Greenwich pizza pasta restaurant.

These foods weren't our initial orders. She and I hoped to eat spaghetti meatballs, but the restaurant didn't have that anymore. We opted for the cannelloni, but it was sold out as well. In the end, it's the lasagna for us. She just added a regular sized Hawaiian pizza to go with our pasta dish. It may seem so many to eat, but if you haven't been with one of your great friends, time is never enough to pick up where you left off. With so many stories to tell, these foods really came in handy.

Shot using my Sony Ericsson K800i cell phone, set to auto, no flash.

*** Jenn ***


ces said...

greenwich! wow ka-miss naman yan! there is one greenwich resto very near our house in Fairview! it's always been our pick-up point when we have guests:)

liza said...

great shots, galing ng cam phone mo ha.

my family loves pizza too. ginugutom na naman ako sa dami ng masasarap na food ;)

maiylah said...

sarap naman!

oo nga, nawala na yung ibang food na nasa menu nila ... kagaya nung chili con carne.

thanks for joining ulit, sis!
hope your vacation went great!

happy weekend!

Z'riz said...

ayyy Greenwich! fave namin yan sa hubby ko! and i miss eating there na! yummy!

check out mine here

meiyah said...

hhmm... love pasta! i like pizzas and i like the greenwich's lasagna... :)

julie said...

We, I mean my kids, have a Greenwich meal once a week, especially when we wait for my husband to arrive at our meeting place in the basement of MegaMall on our way home from work.

They used to have tacos pa, pero wala na yun.