Sunday, August 03, 2008


I have two pictures for this week's theme, because when I celebrated my 28th birthday last May, I had two celebrations, but it wasn't really that festive as I only celebrated my birthday with my mom and sister.

Pizza Hut

This picture was my "long life" food when we went to eat lunch at Pizza Hut. It's spaghetti bolognese with meatballs, and as sophisticated as it looked, I wasn't a big fan of this, there's something in the meatballs that I didn't really like - maybe the herbs or something.

Birthday Part Two

Since our next door neighbors gave me presents, mom and I thought it would be good if we cook some food and gave them some, hence the second celebration. Mom cooked the spaghetti, while I made the spring rolls. The petite cake was something I bought at the bakery in SM Supermarket (It only cost 35 pesos) - I just wanted to have a birthday cake and a candle to blow. Actually, the candle I used was borrowed from our neighbor as I wasn't able to buy a candle, and I surely didn't want to blow that big sperma candle!

Both pictures were taken using Canon Powershot A580 digital camera. Thanks for dropping by!

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ces said...

i'm impressed with the SM cake! pretty and inexpensive ha! now i'm wanting some pasta! and cake, and lumpia shanghai:)

bonoriau said...

Happy belated birthday. Thanks for dropping by and the comments. I'm not really care about my PR as long I have traffic and comments from fellow bloggers...I'm more then happy. What do you fell if you have good PR but less comments?

Em Dy said...

Same here about the cake. Nice design too.

Anonymous said...


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JMom said...

That is a cute little cake! I am really wanting some kind of noodle now after seeing all the LaPiS entries. :)

Anonymous said...

Nice shot...makes me wanna dig in..

Sheng said...

Nice shot...makes me wanna dig in..

Z'riz said...

yummy! i guess a few would be showing spaghetti! hahaha :)

mines up here and it's spaghetti, too...

Belated Happy Birthday!

Frank said...

Makes me hungry! ;-)

Canary said...

wow! you take lovely pictures :)
Wish you a very HAppy Birthday :)