Friday, August 29, 2008

Dianeskie's B-Day Contest

My dear friend Diane is celebrating her birthday on the 31st, and in celebration of her 25th birthday, she decided to do a contest. Up for grabs are yummy prizes that include 10USD for the first prize and 5USD for the second prize. She will also be giving some of her used scrapbook magazines for some lucky contestants. Well, it's not everyday that a blogger holds out a contest, so might as well join, right?

Please check out these blogs for more information:

All of my blogs are joining, to increase my chances *winks*. Well, like what I have said, it's not everyday that someone puts up a contest, and it's certainly not everyday that Diane gives out contests, so I want to try my luck. In every situation, we have to be "in it to win it," so I say, "Tira Tira!" Hahahaha!

Thanks for the contest, D!

*** Jenn ***

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bertN said...

Hapi BERTdey Dianne!