Monday, September 15, 2008


Today's Flowers


This flower, although very beautiful and very sweet smelling, won't really make someone happy if they receive it, because here in the Philippines, this is considered as a flower for the departed. The calachuchi tree is oftentimes found in cemeteries and in churches, and very rare do I see this tree in residential areas. When I was a kid, whenever I am in my mom's hometown, I would always pick some of these flowers and smell it. My older cousins would scold me sometimes, but still, I have always liked the smell of it.

This flower was taken from the grounds of Sta. Maria Church in Sta. Maria, Ilocos Sur. I was walking around the church grounds and saw this flower fell from the tree, so I knelt down and take a shot of it.

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Country Girl said...

Such a sweet little flower. And I loved the description of how you came to capture its photo. It looks so creamy and soft. Nicely done!

Denise said...

Hi, beautiful and very iteressante, but I do not want to receive it now, everything has its time. Thanks for sharing.
Have a happy Today's Flowers.
hugs, Denise

Paz said...

It is a beautiful flower.


Hildegarde said...

This is a touching composition of text and image. Meaningful !

Abraham Lincoln said...

This is a nice white flower. I like it and it reminds me somewhat of the wild onion.

We had the tail end of Hurricane Ike here all day. I lost my cherry tree and a lot of limbs. The neighbors lost three trees and they fell on a power line and that weight broke the power pole. Not a good day here in SW Ohio.

Mine are on Canon Pixels

fishing guy said...

Jenn: A beautiful flower to honor those who passed, very nicely told.

Luiz Ramos said...

That is a so beautiful flower. In Brazil they are white and red flowers.

dot said...

What a beautiful white flower and I'm so glad you were able to get the picture to show us!

Sherry said...

Interesting post. The flower is very beautiful.

Dar's Foto Faze said...

Enjoy the history of the beautiful flower.

Anu said...

Very beautiful photo.
It's also called Frangipani / Plumeria. I've also posted Frangipani twins.

Lara said...

a flower like a small wonder!

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Thanks for explaining the flower's significance. It looks lovely...even on the ground.

Kerri said...

Such a LOVELY flower. Those petals look so smooth. Thanks for sharing the history of the flower also!

Tommy V said...

great flower

Luiz Santilli Jr said...

Flowers are always beautiful.
Flowers is nature!
There are flowers to honor the life and to honor the departed.
We respect both!
Great post, thanks for take part in TODAY'S FLOWERS.


Tammy Warren said...

How looks like it would smell good. You know sometimes you get that feeling about a flower.

Thank you for sharing.