Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Jenn the Super Hero

Today's a little laid back day for the Shutter Happy me, so I just played and took this Super Hero Quiz. It was a very pleasurable quiz to take, I really had fun answering the questions. If you're familiar with the quizzes spreading in the Blogosphere, it's basically like that, too, but I loved the cartoon background making me anticipate which Super Hero I would be.

Questions ranged from what super powers would I be, where would my hideaway be, and how would I stop my villain. The choices are really cool, and in some questions, I had a hard time choosing for my answer! It was composed of 10 questions, and here is the result:

Quiz brought to you by Buy Costumes

I am not that familiar with comics and other super hero stuffs, so I didn't know who Boba Fett is. I asked about him and found out that he's a bounty hunter in Star Wars. Because my choices pointed out to him, I am now more interested in learning more about him. I heard there's also a fan club for him and other sort of things.

How about you? Do you also want to know what kind of Super Hero are you? Why not take this Superhero Quiz as well? I tell you, it was a very nice thing to do. Maybe you'll be Superman or Batman... that would be wow! When my sister arrives home, I would ask her to take the quiz, too, and maybe we could pose like these super heroes and take pictures of ourselves. Now that's fun!

*** Jenn ***