Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Loan - Tempted to Have One

As soon as I got my social security number and I started giving my monthly contribution, my late father would always persuade me applying for a "salary loan" - just so I would know how it would feel. Before he retired, he used to work in that company and is a supervisor in the loans department, and although I am not part of his scope (the branch where he used to work was so far from where we live), he did explain to me the pros and cons of having one, and because of that, never did I make an attempt to apply for one.

Up to this day, I am happy to say that I still haven't had a Loan. I guess the fear of not being able to pay it off hinders me, but aside from that reason, I actually feel no need to open one. Not that we are rich, it's just that I guess my needs are so minimal that my current financial status can still carry me through.

The "ber" months just started, and "ber" months mean the start of Christmas season here in the Philippines. I still haven't checked the malls, but for sure preparations are made to put up those lights and lanterns. This also means that I need to save up for the presents I need to give to my family, friends, and godchildren. As early as now, I could say that I am so tempted to open some Personal Loans, should my current savings won't be enough for my Christmas list.

I am also thinking of getting Small Business Loans for me and brother because we really need to start filling our wallets for our own welfare. I don't know what his plans are, but I sure hope we could get on a good track before the year ends. Yeah, too much to think about, but I am sure if I can just focus, I will be able to lay down some good bricks for me to walk on.

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