Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Something About Marriage

Since I am single and I don't have a boyfriend at the moment, I consider my camera my boyfriend. Well, that is of course, just analogical, because my camera is with me all the time, I don't leave home without it, and I take very good care of it. Actually, the only thing missing is that engagement ring and the marriage contract!

Seriously now, at age 28, I am sure I will be having a hard time looking for love, but I am not really worried or desperate. Actually, an American man (an online buddy) is courting me at the moment, and is saying he would want to marry me in the future, but I still have to meet him and get to know him more. I don't believe in divorce, so I need to make sure I am more than 100 percent ready before I jump to marriage. I don't want to end up just like most celebrities and other people I know.

For me, marriage is a part of the couples' lives wherein they will stick together, braving up the storms and rejoicing in their triumphs. It's not something one must do to ease up the way of living, and it is certainly not a job that you can resign should you feel uncomfortable with it.

Trials are part of any relationship. For some, the trials they encounter aren't that tough, but for married couples whose problems are a bit harder to bear, resort to Marriage Family Counseling to save their marriage. I see no problem in doing such, sometimes, a mediator is needed to help ease out the paths. I for one, talk to someone, too, if ever I encounter problems with any of my friends. Sometimes people need a listening ear and something for them to lean on. There is now a thing called Marriage Fitness, which is an alternate to marriage counseling created by Mort Fertel. He's not a Marriage Counselor per se, but this program he created will help you come up with a solution or a plan to help you on your rocky relationship. In fact, this program of him has been featured in several news programs, and Mort Fertel is actually considered an expert in this field.

If you feel you need to know details on How to Save your Marriage, check out this Marriage Fitness program. It might just be the thing you need.

*** Jenn ***


shutter-happy said...

You'll never need marriage counseling if you're with the right person. ;) Make sure they're your best friend, that you can actually see wanting to be with them forever.

Don't fight. You can roll your eyes at each other, huff and puff at what they've said as you walk away to gain your composure. But don't fight! Name-calling happens when you argue, and you don't want that to happen.

On our fridge we have written "Love, Respect, Appreciate, Forgive" It's what we live by.

While I by no means have much experience. But this is what I know in my eight years of being married. Eight years today!!!!! :)

shutter happy jenn said...

wow.. happy anniversary!