Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I Want Audi!

Last Saturday, I was with my friend Dee-Jay and he mentioned how he drooled over this sports car he saw as the bus passed by the rows of different car manufacturers along this famous highway. We have talked about different cars we wish to own - some are available here in the Philippines, hence the wish can be attained, but some cars are just plain wishes.

Although there are so many cars to be wished for, I could say right now, one of the cars I am wishing to own would be an Audi car. It's not really lavish compared to the other posh cars, but it's simplicity makes it more beautiful in my eyes. I am sure you'd agree with me that just seeing the Audi logo in front is enough for your eyes to go wide and go wow about it. =)

I was reading this 2008 audi s4 reviews and I can't help but to wish for it even more. So many good features for the car and what I love about what they wrote is that this car scored in 10 out of 10 in performance level. If you ask me, I am much more into the performance of the car than to its styling and over all aesthetics, because what's the point of having super beautiful car if it's performance wasn't good, right?

Of course, the looks has to be looked into as well, for the look of your car is the first thing to be seen by the people. And like what I have said, the simplicity in an Audi car's look is more than enough to make it stand out. If you want to read the full take on the car, just click on the link. The extensive blow-by-blow take on the car is written there.

I am not sure whether I can own an Audi car, but if I can, then that would be very sweet. And when that day comes, I will surely taking a whole lot of pictures and brag it to the world! =) What's your dream car?

*** Jenn ***


jesselyn said...

...i reli want audi!!! heheh... lao na nung nakita ku ung show room nila sa gateway mall...^_^