Friday, October 03, 2008

Nouveau Riche University

I have talked a little about Nouveau Riche University in my last post, and I still can't help but to keep on raving about it. Anyway, for people interested about it, I could say (based on what I have read about them), that it's a university that teaches students all the things they need to know about Real Estate. They teach about concepts, strategies, advantages and disadvantages of different things revolving real estate. Pretty interesting, isn't it? Well, I am not gearing towards having a career in Real Estate, but I don't know why I am raving about this university. Probably because it's something new and a very promising thing at that.

Nouveau Riche University was not only published in the magazine, it was also considered as one of the world's most promising companies! Amazing really! I think this one would open many changes in the educational system, giving students many more choices in the paths they would like to take. Of course, the conventional schooling in the universities and colleges would still be there, but people who wanted to pursue a career in Real Estate need not take other courses first, they can directly learn the ins and outs of Real Estate through this university. Maybe in time other professions would also open up their own specialty universities as well.

For those interested at what this university is all about, you check out the links in this post, or click here to learn more about the new President of Nouveau Riche University. To everyone in this university, keep up the good work. Keep on leading the students for them to achieve their goals in life. Who knows, if Real Estate is my "calling," I might actually enroll in your university.

*** Jenn ***