Monday, October 20, 2008

Pearly Whites

I used to have this online friend who's so vain when it comes to her teeth. Whenever we chat, she would always ask me if I wanted to see her teeth, and would really show her teeth as often as she can. Well, it's a very different approach to things, but she is she, and she was just being proud of her pearly whites, I guess.

Well, having nice set of teeth is one of the great ways a person to get great portraiture shots. Well, my teeth aren't that great, I admit, which is why I think I need a place as good as the Los Angeles Dentist clinic because when I checked their website, I was simply blown away with how extensive their services and the capabilities of their dentists have! Reading their qualifications and watching their videos made me feel that I can basically just sleep on the dentist chair and let them do their job! =)

If I can pay for it, I surely would want to have braces because my lower teeth have gaps, but I am happy that people tell me I have a very great smile. If I can just find someone as good as Dr. Azar-Mehr, then wow, it would be great! What's so nice is that new patients can save as much as $50. Hmmm.... if only I live in Los Angeles! =)

We really have to pay close attention to our teeth, because having a good set of teeth is our source of confidence. Actually, seeing the Los Angeles Dentist website made me want to visit my dentist whom I haven't visited for a long time now. I will be on a holiday next month, and I really need to have pearly white teeth so I will look good in pictures!

*** Jenn ***