Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Power of Branding

They say life is a big market place. As individuals, we try to be the best we can so we can get ahead on the picking line. In high school, we try to label each other being "the jock," "the crybaby," "the homecoming queen," and the list of brands go on and on and on. Even singers and other celebrities go with labels and branding. Here in the Philippines, even the contestants of singing shows have labels of their own! There's "the singing voice of an angel," or "the rock and roll chick." And if you've got the best label, you're more likely to be the one who's always on the viewer's heads. How innovative!

Well, if people brands people, then all the more it is important for products and services to be labeled and branded. Of course, as consumers, we have to make sure that we get the interest of the public so our products will be sold. No matter how cheesy or how funny the branding is, as long as you were able to get the interest of the buying public, you'll surely get ahead! At first it's all about the branding, and if people was satisfied with the products, then you'll gain loyal customers, which in turn will help you get the word.

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*** Jenn ***