Friday, December 26, 2008

Breaking Free


Photo taken last 24 December while my siblings and I were at the local market to buy foods for our dinner that night, as well as buy ingredients for the foods we will cook for Christmas Day lunch. While I was waiting for the vendor to finish scraping the coconut meat we needed for the salad, I saw the sky and thought it was an interesting sight.

Just like year 2008 slowly fading off, I think some of the little clouds were slowly trying to break free, maybe to form a new big chunk of cloud?

*** Jenn ***

ps - Merry Christmas!


fat said...

Nice angle. Half with clouds, other half is clear blue skies.

Robert V. Sobczak said...

I'm always fascinated by the tangle of wires overhead myself. Great shot of those wires against a brilliant blue sky.

bertN said...

I hate the wires that mar the beauty of the sky.

Tabib said...

Great Christmas sky.
Happy holidays!.

Steffi said...

Great christmas sky photo!Happy SWF!Merry Christmas!

imac said...

Love the angle shot at, also the blus sky.

uncleawang said...

That was bautiful for skywatchers,
Happy SW-friday & have a nice day.

Powell River Books said...

Beautiful clouds in a blue, blue sky. I invite you to come visit my "Sunshine Coast" snow warning. -- Margy