Monday, December 29, 2008

Just Look Up

Today's Flowers

Balaoan Church
Align Center
It's going to be Today's Flowers meets Monochrome Maniacs this week. This photo was shot last October, when I revisited the San Nicolas de Tolentino church in Balaoan, La Union. That time, the church's main door was closed and there was some construction going, so I just roamed around the church to check if they have a door on the side. None. But, I did see this scene, and seeing that there were flowers below, I just knelt to take the shot.

I was able to enter the church after talking to the staff in their office. Had the main door been open that day, I might not be able to see this. I guess the universe is really working their way to my advantage.

*** Jenn ***


Anonymous said...

To be honest, I think this is one of those cases where colour is best.

Catherine said...

I'm not a professional, but I find the demth of field perfect. Just enought to discern the statue.

Catherine said...

I meant the DEPTH of field, of course

Greyscale Territory said...

I like the way the longest plant follows the line of the cross! Lovely overall effect of a garden always blooming with continual growth!

Daryl said...

Interesting shot ..


uncleawang said...

It is beautiful B&W,happy MM to you.

Julie said...

I like this shot, being B & W the flowers almost look unreal and the statue in the background gives it an interesting feeling of drawing you into the picture.

Ann said...

A Bright/Yellow Alamanda Flower
Hi Jen,

You ask for ID, and the b & W pix makes me unsure if this Alamanda Flower. Very common in Malaysia and Singapore.

In a school I taught, the school houses were named after flowers. I was in charge of alamanda house. The sap is poisonous,

p/s are your pix copyright?

Ann said...

sorry, I meant to say you did not ask for ID.

I was going to ID it for you.