Saturday, January 24, 2009


The super fabulous Lee I. gave me some blog awards. Yey!!! Thanks so much, Lee! I miss you and all the scrappers now! Mojo, come back!!!

Part of the awards was a tag about 5 of my addictions. Here goes:
1 - Blogging. I guess having six blogs sums it all up. I just love to chronicle life events as well as foods eaten, places visited, etc. etc. Sure, some of the blogs accept sponsored links / articles, but one of my blogs will be 100% ad-free.

2 - Photography. I know I am not good and I still have a long (as in looooong) way to go before I could consider myself a "photographer," but although some of my shots are dubbed "useless" by some, photography gives me excitement and is truly a nice stress reliever. I am most fascinated with macro photography, but I am hoping I could learn how to take portraits as well.

3 - Hanson. I just love everything about this band!

4 - Nail Polish. An injury in my big toe left my nail with a quite hideous mark that the only solution I could think of was to cover the nails with some polish. Now, I just love the look of freshly painted nails. =)

5 - Spaghetti. Just thinking about it makes me crave for a plate...or two. =)

I don't have people to pass on the awards to, so if you feel like it, just snag the awards.

*** Jenn ***