Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Y = Yellow Marigold

Yellow Marigold

When my sister and I went to Baguio City last March, I have told myself that I will take as much flower pictures as I can shoot, and even though I only had my cell phone that time, nothing really stopped me, and although all the images were 640x480 in size (not big enough to be printed), I still love all the images I photographed.

This one was taken from Burnham Park at around 8 in the morning. A very cold day, but a very great one. I was just sad that my cell phone's memory wasn't big enough for me to take all the pictures I wanted to take. Oh well, there will always be another day.

*** Jenn ***


uncleawang said...

Well, beautiful yellow flower, nice shot!.Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

Very Yellow - ours tend to be orange.