Sunday, February 01, 2009





Wow.. it's February now!

For Camera Critters, I decided to do series of photos related to each other every month. For February, it's all about the critters I have photographed from Baluarte - an open display of animals "collected" by the former Governor Chavit Singson. Baluarte is located in Vigan City, Ilocos Sur, a province in the northwest part of the country.

In between my visit in the city last year (May and November), so many things have changed to this place. My sister had the privilege to see the place in August, and told me that there were new critters in the area, so when it was time for me to travel there last November, checking out Baluarte is among the places I needed to see because I really wanted to see all the changes.

One of those new attractions was this camel. At first I thought it wasn't nice, but turns out, this camel is not only friendly, but sweet as well. People can touch the camel, they can feed the camel with grass - a very gentle animal, indeed.

See more animals from Baluarte every Sunday of February here in my blog. Thanks for dropping by!

*** Jenn ***

ps - big thanks to my friend K for taking my picture with the camel.


Darla said...

Great photos, love that underbite.

JenReg said...

Those are pretty neat pictures! That's neat that you got so close..did they spit on you? LOL

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b13 said...

Look at the teeth on that bottom pic :D

Lara said...

this is an experience that I would like to have too :), they look like nice animals! (ok, I am afraid, but I'd like to try nevertheless :)) )

Carolina said...

Camels just have the best lips ;-)
(not that I ever kissed a camel I'm glad to say)

Heart of Rachel said...

That's a nice close encounter with a camel.

Anonymous said...

How cute and lovely to get to see you too...

Dianne said...

love the face he's making in the last shot, like he's laughing at himself

Gretchen said...

Love the faces. :)