Friday, April 10, 2009

Full Moon

Full Moon

Yesterday, sister and I were a bit bored at home so we decided to go out. At first, we just planned to buy some snacks from the nearby market, but there were few things to choose from, so we went to a place in the neighboring province (Bulacan). Going there, I noticed that there were a few interesting things to take pictures of, so after eating our snacks, I asked sister if it was just okay for her to walk back home.

She was happy about the idea, as there were many people walking. There's this church in Bulacan that people visit every Holy Week and they walk going there, that's part of their penance. Anyway, when we reach near the border of the province and the city where we live, we saw this sight. I just love how the moon looked like, but it wasn't perfectly circle as a part was hiding from the cloud, but I still loved it.

May each and everyone have a blessed Holy Week.

*** Jenn ***


Linda Jacobs said...

The contrast between the darker land and the spotlight of the moon makes this picture!

Babooshka said...

It has that lovely deep violet tinge I love.

Guy D said...

What a peaceful image with amazing colors, well done Jenn.

Have a great weekend
Regina In Pictures

koala said...

I noticed that moon yesterday and stared at it but didn't think so many other bloggers were looking at it too. It amazes me now how somethings are the same in different parts of this planet.

B Squared said...

Nice shot and best wishes for a blessed Easter.

kden said...

I like your adventurous spirit to just walk home to see what you can see. Love this shot, it has been a beautiful full moon everywhere. I was also looking out my window last night.

Arlene said...

The moon is so close, Jenn! Nice shot!

Arija said...

The clouds came out really well in that one.