Saturday, April 04, 2009


photo hunt


Hard to find something "stripy" in my files... good thing I spotted this old image. This is my umbrella - my very precious umbrella, which I bought in 2004. It's not as pretty as it was for sure, but nearly five years since I bought it, it's still working perfectly. This umbrella was one of those very few purchases I have made that really lasted long. One of my treasures, actually.

*** Jenn ***


YTSL said...

Wow, what a great advertisement for Esprit! Makes me want to go and get an umbrella from them! :D

Vita Stunder said...

Great post for stripes! :)

Mine is up too!
Have a great weekend :)

Jasonblink said...

Beautiful picture. Whats your camera? I love it

FickleMinded said...

sinple things that lasts the most!

srp said...

I have never had an umbrella that colorful.. lovely. Do you remember the plastic bubble umbrella's.. they were popular in the 70's or even the 60's.. I guess they would be considered antiques now.. wonder what happened to them. Great shot!
My stripes are here.

kaye said...

a dependable umbrella is a good thing, nice shot

kaye’s stripes

Anonymous said...

I've always loved striped umbrellas even though most of mine have been black.

Here's JyLnC's Stripes