Monday, May 04, 2009


Time to move on a new theme for Today's Flowers. This month of May I am concentrating on flowers I photographed during my stay in La Union and my visit in Baguio City.

Today's Flowers

61/365 - Pollen

This lilium flower was part of the flowering plants my Aunt have in her little garden. Since she was in the hospital all day (she's working as a nurse), I was alone in our house with nothing to do. We didn't have Internet and cable television in our house in La Union, so the only way to "entertain" myself aside from writing was taking pictures.

I was applying the little lesson I learned about photographing flowers, I tried to take pictures of different flowers in different perspectives. Here I concentrated on the pollens, testing the depth of field of my camera. I am not sure if I fully maximized it, though, as I am only using a compact point and shoot camera.

*** Jenn ***


Digital Flower Pictures said...

It is a nice macro. You could have probably used a pinch more of DOF but it came out well.

Anonymous said...

glad you were able to entertain yourself! lovely photo.


Anonymous said...

hi! love ur pics.. can u give me photo editing lesson 101?? i only have a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W50 Digital Camera.. at saka what will u recommend me for an SLR cam worth 20thou to 30thou worth?? tnx!

Race said...

hi jenn, taking photos is also my way of entertaining myself, i love it! your macro shot is beautiful! mine is up at

Denise said...

Hi Jenn, your macro is superb. Incredible close-up of a very beautiful flower. Thank you for sharing it and have a great week.