Friday, June 26, 2009



The SM Mall of Asia bay area really attracts all kinds of people, especially during sunset. My sister said we might not be able to see the sun disappear on the horizon, so while the sun was still preparing to set, I already took some pictures. I recalled sets of pictures from friends / online buddies who took pictures of the sunset from here featuring silhouettes of people sitting by the wall, so I tried the same aspect as well. There were lots of people taking pictures of the sunset, so no one would really suspect that the photographers were already taking pictures of them. Well, it was a silhouette, so I guess it's okay.

*** Jenn ***


srp said...

What an absolutely beautiful sunset! And the incognito couple make it special.

Guy D said...

Fantastic capture Jenn, looks so romantic.

Have a nice weekend
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Babooshka said...

Romantic, peaceful and just so beautiful.

magiceye said...

awesome image!

Dew Drops said...

That is an awesome picture. The colours of the sunset are gorgeous!

Louise said...

This is fantastic! I can see why people go there!

Poetic Shutterbug said...

Wow, that gave me chills it is so stunning.