Monday, June 08, 2009


Continuing with the Baguio City flower photos...

Today's Flowers


My cousin and I dropped by the Mansion from Mines View Park and from there we walked towards the Wright Park before going to Saint Joseph Church. While walking along the park, we saw some sunflowers. I still don't have a picture of a sunflower the whole time I was in Baguio that day, so why not? This sunflower didn't have much petals, so I just concentrated on its center.

*** Jenn ***


Laerte Pupo said...

The Sunflowers are beautiful with or without petals.
Thanks for sharing.

Regina said...

Hi Jen. Nice one.

Denise said...

Wonderful Jen, such an exquisite photo! Thank you. Always lovely to come here and see what you have to share.

kg said...

my! ang ganda! i love you shot!

sunflowers are my favorite flowers. i tried growing them in our backyard pero di talaga kaya! :(


Rebecca said...

Interesting shot