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photo hunt

Star Hands

It was in August last year that I decided to join Singles for Christ. In October, we had our "baptism," and right after, my new friends and I posed for pictures. Ecko wanted to have us position our hands and fingers into a star, and we happily obliged. I used my left hand (the one in nearest in the picture) while my right hand took the shot. Not really a perfect, perfect shot, but still beautiful for me.

*** Jenn ***

Friday, March 27, 2009 6 comments

Rizal Park

I have visited the Rizal Park quite a few times already, but it was the first time that I got to visit the place during dusk. The visit came as an accident, actually, when my sister and I were about to go home after the visit at the Manila South Harbor, we both didn't know how to go home from there, so I decided to take the much familiar route: walking from the pier to Rizal Park and take the bus from there.

Someone from South Korea must be visiting the country - every time a foreign flag is waved here, it's an indication that an important person from that country is in the Philippines. For those who are not familiar, Rizal Park is where the country's national hero, Dr. Jose P. Rizal was executed and buried.

*** Jenn ***

Thursday, March 26, 2009 13 comments

Sapatos (Shoes)

17/365 - In Her Shoes

Ako ay isang tao na hindi mahilig sa sapatos - siguro dahil lumaki akong walang pambili ng sapatos, o kaya siguro mataba ako at ang pwede ko lang isuot ay yung mga "flat" na sapatos at sandalyas, o siguro wala lang tindahan na malapit sa amin kung saan ako pwedeng makabili ng sapatos. Kabaligtaran ko, ang aking bunsong kapatid ay sobrang hilig sa sapatos, kagaya ng aming ina. Sa totoo lang, silang dalawa ay mistulang may kontest kung sino ang may mas maraming sapatos.

{I am a person who's not really much into shoes - maybe because growing up we didn't have the means of buying good shoes, or maybe because I am fat that I could only wear flat shoes/sandals, or maybe growing up there wasn't any near mall where I could buy shoes. My sister on the other hand was very much into shoes, just like my mom. Actually, they're having a little contest (although they don't realize it) as to who has the most shoes.}

Obviously, ang pares ng sapatos na ito ay sa aking kapatid. Minsan, umuwi siya at sinabing bumili siya ng bagong sapatos at gusto niyang isukat ko dahil iyon ay size 9. Kumasya naman, pero kung ako ang bibili ng sapatos na ito, siyempre size 10 ang kukunin ko.

{Obviously, this is my sister's shoes. One time, she got home and told she just bought a new pair of shoes and asked if I could try it on because it was a size 9. It did fit, but if I were to buy this pair of shoes, I would've bought the size 10.}

Noong araw na iyon ay nakahiga ako sa kutson na inilatag ko sa may sala, at dahil ako ay nanonood ng telebisyon, tinamad akong tumayo para isukat. Nagustuhan ko ang takong ng sapatos, kaya kahit nakahiga, kinuha ko ang aking cell phone para kunan ng litrato. Ito ay kinunan ko para sa aking Project 365.

{I was lying on the mattress I put in the living room when she came home, and because I was watching television, I was too lazy to get up just to fit the shoes. I loved the heels of these shoes, so even if I was lying, I took my cell phone, and took a picture of it. This was originally posted for my Project 365.}

*** Jenn ***

Wednesday, March 25, 2009 11 comments

J = Jars

RG Pottery

RG Pottery

These jars were from RG Pottery in Vigan City, Ilocos Sur. They are called "burnay" in Ilocano dialect, which means clay jars. Each of these jars are handmade and is a very big product of the city. These images were taken last November, during my last visit to the place.

*** Jenn ***

Tuesday, March 24, 2009 7 comments

Ummm, Summer!

Summer in the Philippines start in the month of March, and one of the things people like to do during the hot summer months was to eat cold foods such ice cream. This glass of ice cream sundae sure was a great summer treat...if only this glass of sundae was real food.

My sister and I went to the Philippine Food Fair middle of the month and aside from being overwhelmed with the massive amount of food made from different parts of the country, we were much more impressed with this kiosk that specializes in display foods. I am not sure which material they used, but the strawberry was soft, it was like rubber ducky.

How I wish I can have sundae like this - real sundae, that is.

*** Jenn ***

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photo hunt


When I was in Panglao, Bohol last November, my friend K and I loved to walk along the coast after we finished eating a meal. On our second day, we decided to check out the neighboring resort to the left, and I was so intrigued with this tree by the shore. It had flowers that looked like the flowers of okra (the vegetable) and it resembles one specie of the hibiscus flower. Taking a picture of it was a bit difficult for it was quite high, so it ended as if it was a light bulb. =)

But still, I found the flower pretty.

*** Jenn ***

Friday, March 20, 2009 15 comments

About to Set

While walking back home from the market, I noticed that the sun was about to set and the sun was kind to show itself through the clouds, so I took out my camera to take a shot. I only own a point and shoot camera and it was quite far from me - I maxed out on the available zoom level to get this - and a little wobble from my unsteady hands made the sun a little out of shape, but I do find it splendid.

The cloud I think is a man with the sun by his arm/hand. =) Happy weekends everyone!

*** Jenn ***