Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Theme: Silhouette

Insekto Siluweto

In my efforts to revive this blog, I decided to share pictures from a little game I put up in the MTC forum. It's a photo hunter's game, and it's on the 4th week now. Since I am posting one picture a day pertaining to the theme, I fugured I will aslo put it here, just so the blog won't really close.

This one was taken February 2009. That time, my brother and I together with our friends from Singles for Christ were invited to stay in Tanjay City in Negros Oriental, following the SFC International Conference in Cebu City. I woke up early that day, hoping a glimpse of the sunrise, but because of rains, I didn't see the sunrise, but did see this critter while roaming around the rest house, looking for things to take pictures of. Happy was I that this fellow wasn't shy to have his pictures taken. :)


PAK said...

I like it!! (Of course, on the photo :D)