Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Needle Fish

Good thing I was able to upload pictures from the Coron Trip in my Multiply site.. I thought all of the images I would share were from Manila Ocean Park. Anyway, while in Kayangan Lake, we had the chance to ride a raft and roam around the lake, but when Ryan and I were done from our turn, we stayed with Erick as we watch the girls (Kei, Lei, and Dianne) enjoy their raft trip. A group of foreign tourists sat next to us, and they all wanted to snorkel, so their guide threw some pieces of bread in the water. These cute fishes showed up and started nibbling on the bread, and seeing the water quite clearly, I went near to take a picture. Not really a good capture - I am afraid to come very near the edge as I might fall.

*** Jenn ***