Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 22 - Portrait

I am really loving it that my sister is constantly asking me day after day what the prompt for the day is. When I told her Day 22 is about "Head shots / Portraits," she quickly fixed herself while waiting for me to finish washing the dishes.

Joy of Love - Day 22


Day 22 - Portrait.

As a photo hobbyist, one of my weaknesses is taking portraits. I guess that's a reflection of me being a not-so-sociable person, but when I took on photography as a hobby, I was thankful I have my sister to be my model from time to time. It was actually a win-win situation: I could practice and hone the craft and she could have the pictures. I have taken pictures of my sister in different places, even took pictures of her in the rain - and I let her lie on the road. My sister is such a trooper!

Super Trooper, actually.

When she started working, it became rare for us to have photo shoots, but now that she is "free," we can resume with picture taking. This weekend - well technically later tonight - we will be traveling out of town, and I am going to take lots of pictures.. and that includes a little photo shoot here and there. We are so excited now.

*** Jenn ***