Monday, May 30, 2011

Quotography | Memorial Day

The Philippines doesn't celebrate Memorial Day, but I still wanted to join this week, and here is my share:

American Cemetery

Quotography at {My}Perspective

This picture was taken November 2010, when K and I were on a holiday. The day I took this picture, we were in Metro Manila and wanted to roam around. Our destination was supposed to be the Sarao Jeepney factory, but when we found out that the factory closes at 4pm (it was already 3:30pm), the driver of the van we hired just suggested we go to Fort Bonifacio instead. I quickly thought about this cemetery, and we were happy that the place's guards let us in.

This picture is just a part of the Manila American Cemetery. At 152 acres, it is the largest cemetery in the Pacific for U.S. Personnel killed during World War 2. There are also several Filipinos and one British National buried here, but this cemetery is primarily for US personnel killed during the war. That means, if a US citizen living here in the Philippines served during the war and died just today, his remains can't be interred here in the cemetery.

I chose to share this picture not only because this is the American Cemetery, but also because in the short visit we had, one American man came to us and shared to us stories of some of the buried personnel. War is a very selfish thing - it rips relationships, it breaks the hearts of many, and the people who selflessly offered themselves are really heroes. Each cross in this cemetery is a testament that there are indeed people who are so willing to give up many things.

*** Jenn ***