Thursday, August 18, 2011

Coffee Beans

Coffee Beans

I do love drinking coffee (got addicted with it when I was a kid, actually), but I grew up drinking the instant kind, so I am not much into brewed coffee - I just loved smelling it. My brother on the other hand, is addicted to caffeine. He can't get enough of soft drinks and coffee (any kind).

Last Christmas, mom got to take home a coffee maker from their office party. She taught we could just use any coffee with it, and was a bit sad that her gift wasn't something the family could use everyday.

When cousin Mhai stayed here for a few weeks, she saw my brother using the coffee maker (a neighbor whose daughter works at Starbucks gave us a bag of coffee), she said they have a lot of coffee bags at home - something cousin Theresa sent from England. Since they don't have a coffee maker and Aunt Lorie thought boiling a pot of water with the coffee was a tiresome chore, she started giving away the bags of coffee. Brother asked if they still have some left, and cousin Mhai said she will take some if there are any.

This were some of the coffee beans from the bag of Marks&Spencer coffee cousin Mhai gave us. I took this picture before brother grounded it. :)