Thursday, September 01, 2011

Brown Candle

Hello again, I am back! I've been away for almost a week - traveling to Cebu and Bohol, and although I enjoyed the six days vacation, it was really comforting knowing I am now home.

Brown Candle

while in Cebu, we stayed at the house of Tita Fe's sister Tita Zeny (Tita Zeny is one of mom's colleagues), and since we basically have just one full day in Cebu (we arrived late night on 25 Aug, we crossed over Bohol morning of 27 Aug), we took this time to check places. I already traveled to Cebu in 2009 and was able to visit quite a lot of places, but what made this trip really, really special was that we were able to visit the church of Birhen sa Simala - Lindogon, approximately 2 hours away from Cebu City. In 2009, I was able to first see the image of Birhen sa Simala - Lidogon when it was transported from her home to Cebu Cathedral, and on this day I was able to see her own home. It was a very touching moment for me, and I cannot explain, but there was some kind of connection between us, of which I am most thankful.

This was one of the many many candles lit located at the side of the church. I, too, lit a candle, but my candle's fire was quite big (I can't move my camera near), so I decided to just take a picture of one of the much smaller candles.