Monday, September 05, 2011

The Chocolate Hills of Bohol

Chocolate Hills

Normally, I'd pair my Green Monday post with Mellow Yellow Monday, and I would pair Red Hot Mondays and Ruby Tuesday with Orange Tuesdays, but when I took this picture, I knew I had to pair Green with Red. :)

By the time we reached Chocolate Hills, my camera's battery was already about to die. It was a bad decision for me to go on a city tour with 25% battery juice and taking only 1 pair of spare batteries, which I still haven't tasted how long its power would take. Thankfully, my cell phone was fully charged by the start of the day, ensuring me that I could still take pictures to my heart's delight.

I was able to take pictures of the hills, but some pictures - including this one, was taken using my cell phone. Taking the stairs to the peak, I saw this group of hills with reddish plant on the foreground, and thinking it looked cute, I stopped for a picture.

There are so many legends as to how the hills were formed, but one thing's for sure: this nature's wonder is proudly Filipino! :)